Choosing The Right Wedding Videographer?????

Searching for  a wedding video package can be confusing and very  technical.  Here  is some  general advice that hopefully will help you to understand what you are actually getting

Weddings Tipperary
Weddings Tipperary

for your money and whether you are been asked to pay over  the average for a professional wedding videographer.  What are the factors that determine   the best choice of videographer for your wedding day, if you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone.

Wedding Video Prices :  I am beginning with the cost of  a wedding videographer, price it is an important consideration.  Unfortunately there is no price regulation for professional wedding videographers  so when it comes to shopping around you will have  to use your own discretion as to what you are been asked to pay. The average price for a wedding Video is €1000, this is a guide price for a professional videographer who will cover the full day from bridal preps and continue recording up to 11pm that evening.  I have been carrying out some research on wedding video prices in Tipperary, all my information was obtained from couples who have booked  Drangan Video for weddings in 2014/2015 and beyond. Shopping on line for a particular wedding supplier or videographer  is very much the normal approach when it comes to planning your big day, you would expect  to find all the information that you require to be included on a suppliers website,  sadly not all wedding video companies are sharing their prices on line, this was brought to my attention only as late as last week by a local bride to be who had researched a number of local videographers,  she said that most companies were showing the prices on their websites and that their  price for the full day was on average €1000. Here is an interesting point she came across one wedding video company  that were not showing their prices on the website but when she contacted them, she was asked “what kind of quotations have you been getting from the opposition”  we will better any quote that you have already got,  happy days if your looking for a cheap wedding video.  I have also heard of quotes of up to  €3000 for for coverage of the full day which dose seem very much over the top. The feed back from  customers would indicate that the general body of  couples are looking at lots of suppliers and when it comes down to making decision it will be with a supplier who falls into the average price category.

The style of the camera man/woman :  this is what makes every wedding video different no two camera persons will have the same style of shooting, just like wedding photographers they all have their own individual style and approach to recording the most important day of your life. Tripods have their use when it comes to recording steady shots with smooth  panning and of coarse the tripod eliminates shaky and unsteady shots which are  never  professional looking. I like to limit the use of a tripod just to ceremony and speeches, taking the cam in hand and working on foot lends itself to a much more creative style of wedding film production, the camera needs to be on the move and be changing angles frequently  for a variety of POV’s. This style dose and should not have your camera man running all over the place bumping into guests and been the center of attention, my personal preference is to remain in the background and shoot from a  distance.

Two cameras is a must have option :  I came across a blog post recently from a videographer who was rubbishing the idea of using two cameras for a wedding shoot,

Video Packages
Video Packages

he claimed that he was so skilled that he knew exactly what footage to capture on the day with one camera.  That statement could not be further from the truth, I use a two camera one man system,  camera 1 usually remains static during the ceremony  and camera 2 is very discreetly on the move and covering different angles. This type of camera shoot dose involve some extra editing maybe 3hours extra compared to a single cam shoot, I really like the live mix in real time  between both cameras. It is vital that both cameras are the the same and that the picture quality is identical in every way so that mix is not noticeable  in the finished production.

The guy that tells you what to do :  This in my opinion is the worst choice of videographer, just imagine been told when to kiss, when to smile, when to hold hands ?  it is possible to produce a stunning wedding film with just a minimum  of interaction with couple on the day. My approach is very hands off on directing the camera shoot  in fact i never set up as much as a single shot. I also believe that too much talking on the day is a distraction for the couple I like to get my head down and concentrate on the job to be done but in a light hearted manner.

Editing the final polish :    Many videographers  are not professional editors, they will most  likely be using the very latest software which will make editing and post production quick and streamlined.  I often make the comparison  with  cameras and editing software as been the tools of the wedding video production  trade, but just like a skilled carpenter or trades man it is only he who will get the very best from his selection of tools. I suppose the message is that the very latest video production gear will not necessarily  guarantee a professional wedding film.  Editing and post production is all about producing an  emotive and highly entertaining wedding DVD which tells the story of the most important day of your life. I am a full time wedding videographer  and I shoot and edit my own footage, it is a huge advantage to be working full time and to be in a position to dedicate all my time during the week to the post production of my wedding shoots. Before deciding on a videographer it  might be in your interest to establish if he or she is working full time as a wedding video/film producer. Another important consideration regarding the style of different videographers it is a major plus if the camera person is actually sitting down and editing their own work, speaking from my own experience when I spend more than 12 hours at a wedding I get a feel for what the couple are expecting from their wedding video,  I could not ever imagine handing over their footage to a third party for editing.

Summary :  Before you make the final decision on booking a wedding videographer, take advice from your friends who have already used the  particular videographer that you are interested in.  Allow loads of time for online research, check out the samples on the videographers website and their facebook page. A busy website and facebook page is a sign of a busy wedding videographer.

Thanks for reading my blog post, wishing you all the best for your big day.

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