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Colourful Christmas Wedding video In Kilkenny City

Kilkenny is sometimes known as the home of hurling but for me as a Wedding Videographer I would describe the Marble City  as been the home of weddings.  This is a clip from the wedding of Katie Phelan and Kevin Philips who enjoyed a colorful Christmas wedding  in Kilkenny.

December 30th was a lovely day with an abundance of magical winter sunshine casting shadows and interesting color effects on the the rich Kilkenny country side.

Fun Wedding Video Kilkenny
Fun Wedding Video Kilkenny

Our wedding Day Story :

The story of Katie & Kevin’s wedding day begins with bridal preparations at Katie’s house which was in walking distance from St. Patrick’s Church, I received a warm welcome from the Phelan family, I quickly settled down to discreetly grabbing video footage as events unfolded. Katie was a stunning Kilkenny Bride she stood tall and straight, I like the shot in the video of her walking down the stairs to join her family members, she looked so elegant.

St. Kieran’s College for wedding Photos :

After the ceremony we visited a number of very interesting locations for the wedding photos, our first stop was at St. Kieran’s College which is a secondary school for boys it is steeped in sporting history and some of Kilkenny’s greatest hurlers  attended the college. It was a pleasure  working with Nick O’ Keeffe who is a well know local photographer, the video features some nice shots of the bridal party in front of the college building.

A  Romantic  Stroll at Kilkenny Castle:

Our next stop was a quick visit to  Kilkenny Castle which is a popular choice by Kilkenny Brides for their photo shoot. I concentrated on walking shots around the grounds  for my collection of video footage, the winter sun was sitting low  which was great for some creative romantic scenes especially  when shooting into the sun. Katie & Kevin were  happy to  walk and chat with each other and of coarse a few unrehearsed kisses to enhance  the mood of the day.

Surprise Visit to Nowlan Park for Fun Video Footage :

The highlight of the day for Kevin was a surprise visit to Nowlan Park which was organized by Katie and was a well guarded secret. Nowlan Park is the main GAA stadium in Kilkenny, it hosts many major hurling matches  it is also home of the Kilkenny Hurling Team. Kevin is a keen football player and has a passionate interest in all sport, he really enjoyed stopping off at Nowlan park,  the video features some fun shots with the bridal party and great footage of Katie & Kevin on the amber colored  steps of the empty stadium.

Mount Wolselsey Hotel Carlow :

Our final stop was Mount Wolseley Hotel Carlow which is one of the top wedding venues in the   Kilkenny Carlow region, it is one of my favourite wedding venues. The hotel has its own  wedding coordinater who is most helpfull in arranging every aspect of your big day. I have recently filmed a number of Civial Ceremonies in Mount Wolseley  which I enjoyed very much, the staff and management were so helpful and obliging on each visit.

A big congratulations to Katie & Kevin  on what was an amazing wedding, it was a pleasure to have their wedding videographer. The video clip has already been shared by Drangan Video on Facebook and twitter,  thanks to them for allowing that.

Thanks for reading my latest blog post, more wedding news soon.

Best regards Eamon.


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