How to Entertain Children at Weddings

Its an early morning start here at Drangan Video  with weddings  in Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow, so its another busy weekend !!  the wedding video season is now in full swing. In this week’s blog we take a look at how to entertain children at weddings.

Finally that long awaited day has arrived and the ceremony is over. The newlyweds are now looking forward to a fun filled day celebration with family and friends. Unfortunately, nothing can spoil the day quite like a mob of unruly children running about and demanding attention. After all, everyone’s eyes are supposed to be focused on the bride and groom, not the guests’ children who are out of control! Even so, you can’t blame the kids – because that’s what kids do. It is up to the wedding planner, whoever that may be, to organise ways to entertain children at weddings, so parents, guests and especially the newlywed couple can enjoy their day. If you are the person tasked with planning entertainment for children at the wedding, here are some suggestions that might make your job a bit easier.

First – A Word about Professional Wedding Planners

Something you may wish to consider when planning your wedding is to hire a professional wedding planner. Yes, it may cost a bit more money in the long term but the benefits of leaving all these often-overlooked tasks in the hands of someone else is well worth the extra expense.

Weddings Tipperary
Weddings Tipperary

Not only can a wedding planner hire entertainment for children especially geared towards weddings, but that planner can also make sure you hire the best videographer (that would be me Eamon) to capture each and every moment of that special day. You wouldn’t want the focus of the video to be that one child who keeps running back and forth in front of the camera making funny faces, now would you?
Now Let’s See about Those Children

One great idea that many wedding planners suggest is hiring a special entertainment crèche that travels around Ireland to keep kids happy, whilst parents and guests are having ‘adult time’ in the celebration venue. We all know that Irish weddings traditionally like to toast the happy couple, and toast again when the mood strikes – and again and again. Weddings in County Tipperary are no different than weddings in Dublin or weddings in Kilkenny City. A bit of cheer to go around is what it’s all about and this means that someone better be there to mind the children!
Book a Special Room “For Kids Only”

Depending on your venue, there may be a way to book a special room adjoining the main event room that you have hired for the wedding celebration. Make it special for the children and have it decorated just for them. Whoever is responsible for placing table centrepieces, wedding favours and doing up the bridal party table should also give attention to the children’s room. These decorations should be quite colourful and attractive for younger eyes, so they will feel special that they have their very own room in which the only adult will be the sitter, who is in charge of seeing to their entertainment.
At some point you will want to have your wedding videographer come in and take pictures of the children in their special setting. These will later be added to the wedding journal, either interspersed with videos of the ‘main event’ or in a special children’s segment. Someday to look back and those children will be grown and ready to have their own wedding, and it will be so much fun remember the day they had their own mini-celebration alongside the adults.

Make Them a Special Part of the Special Day
Of course the children are not the focal point of the day, but you know kids, they always need to be front and centre. Why not give them the chance to do just that? Plan a ‘procession’ where children bring gifts to the couple just after the champagne toasts. This makes a wonderful wedding video that will be looked on fondly for many years as a special reminder of that special day. Often these gifts are symbolic only, and something the children have made in their special room whilst the adults are having pre-meal cocktails.
Some children may want to draw pictures of the bride and groom, whilst others may want to string beads for wedding mobiles that can be hung above the couple, or placed around the wedding cake as it sits on its table off to the side. Other children may want to record a song to be played for the couple, and others still may want to make bouquets, having been inspired by the bridal bouquet. The point is, have plenty of arts and crafts materials available for hands-on activities.

Films, Readings and Puppet Shows
After dinner when adults generally dance and make merry, it is time to keep the children busy so they aren’t running about underfoot. A good wedding sitter will try to plan for a film to be shown that is geared towards the ages of the children, and at other times a few stories may be read to keep them calm and attentive.
Some wedding sitters have a puppet stage with their crèche and will put on a lively puppet show where the kids can even participate. Since this is typically towards the end of the day, the sitter will have had time to learn the names of most of the children, and can incorporate those names into the show. This will delight the children and encourage them to take part in the fun.

In the end, it’s all about keeping the children entertained so the bride and groom can enjoy the one day that is supposed to be all about them. Here at Drangan Videos we help document memories to last you a lifetime, and we want them to be perfect memories of a perfect day. Weddings in Ireland are amongst the most upbeat you’ll find anywhere on earth, so let’s keep it that way. Make planning entertainment for the children an important part of planning the wedding celebration, and to borrow a cliché, you can have your cake and eat it too – what you don’t slather on each other’s face that is!
Best wishes for a carefree and happy day,


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