Short or Long Wedding Films

One of the most common differentiators between wedding

Short Wedding Videos
Short Wedding Videos

videographers is the length of the final film that you receive, and there are two main types, long or short.  As I would describe it, long is more like  a feature-length film, with the ceremony and speeches in their entirety.   Between these two main sections of the day is the story of the day, establishing shots of the venue, guests mingling, the evening reception, Vox Pops  and the guests dancing etc.

Just before I continue this post, I would like to congratulate the Boys Of The Monastery School, Tipperary Town on a wonderful  School Show which was performed in the The Simon Ryan Theatre also know as the Excel Centre, Tipperary.  They put on a show every two years and Drangan Video have been recording their productions for more than 8 years now.  This years show was staged over two nights March 12th & 13th 2014.  The DVDS will be available from the school early next week, my turnaround on large volume  DVD orders is really fast now, thanks to the introduction of a new automated ink jet  disc production system, which is combined with a new high  speed laser  printers for sleeve printing.  producing orders in excess of 400 dvds   is a seamless operation  thanks to addition of the  very  latest editing software.  ( toys for big boys ).

Short wedding videos:   vary quite a bit between 5 minute trailers and 15 minute highlights. What these edits generally provide is a less comprehensive  story of the day, normally focusing on the bride and groom with less  guests and snippets of the ceremony and speeches.  I suppose I speak for most Wedding Videograpers when I say that we currently offer are long, feature-length Wedding Films, but it’s something that’s always on my mind.

Short Film:  The argument for shorter films is that they’re more interesting to watch, especially to those that don’t know the couple very well. What this often means is that Wedding Videographers

Wedding Film Production
Wedding Film Production

like to show off their work to other industry professionals  and of course potential Brides & Grooms  this is a lot easier to do that with a 5 minute wedding film than a 45 minute film. This is also an odd one because the wedding video has been commissioned by and is being produced for the bride and groom. What other people think  especially those that don’t know the couple   is completely  irrelevant.  Of course work can be appreciated by these people but whether they think it’s entertaining or not doesn’t matter.

Feature Films:  Drangan Video  produce feature length films 2 hours long max: and always have. The main argument against them is that they’re boring because they’re too long.   We have created a huge amount  of  feature-length wedding videos in Tipperary and Munster  to date and not one single couple has had anything but positive remarks regarding the length and amount of content.  Along with my main feature length films I also include a highlights clip as a  separate  chapter point on the DVD  which is a 6-9 minutes minute edit which does what it says on the tin: provides a short highlights wedding video of the day, Drangan Video will also share this clip on Facebook  and on the website.  Couples love this because they are  able to show friends, family and those who live abroad. The couple experience the best of both worlds: a long feature film and a short highlight video

 A lot of videographers don’t particularly state how long their films are, so be sure to check. And if they do only offer a short film, remember

Drangan Video Facebook
Drangan Video Facebook

that whilst that might be great to show off within the 6 months following your big day, a wedding video should be a memory of the day for the rest of your life and the extra content you get with a longer film is priceless, particularly when it comes to your guests.  The typical length of a Drangan Video Wedding Film is 2 hours and that includes a 6 minute short edit on the same disc. Check out  short edits on our Facebook Page

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