The Most Important Moments Of Your Wedding Day Captured On Film

Here at drangan video in Tipperary we are right bang in the middle of the 2016 wedding season, the past few weeks have been hectic last weekend alone we shot wedding videos in Kilkenny, Tipperary and Galway. The majority of our weddings are in Tipperary but its also great to work in other counties, it is said that a change is as good as a rest. 🙂

The Most Important Moments Of Your Wedding Day:

There are times in life where we often think to ourselves ‘ I would love to wind back the clock’ or ‘wouldn’t it be great to experience that again’.  Luckily, with the technology we have today, we can relive moments time and time again through the power of videography. Think of your wedding video as the gateway to your wedding day, always open for you any time to revisit the most special moments of your day and experience them in all their glory.

In this blog post I am going to talk about some of the most important moments in your wedding day that should absolutely be captured on camera for you, your family, your friends and even grandchildren to enjoy at a later date.

Wedding Videographer In Tipperary
Wedding Videographer In Tipperary







Taking that Trip Down the Aisle

Without doubt one of the moments brides like to see most on their wedding video is that (sometimes long) walk down the aisle. With all the rushing around and the getting ready, we sometimes forget to stop and take in what’s going on around us. With your wedding video, you will be able to slowly relive the moment, see the faces on your friends around you and most importantly see the face once again of your groom as he sees you for the first time.

Saying ‘I do’

This is of course the most important part of your day, where you and your intended commit to each other for the rest of your lives. What other moment could be more important to rewatch as time goes by?

‘I now Pronounce you Man and Wife’

Those seven little words that now confirm you are married! All your friends and family stand up and applaud and more than likely you are looking straight at your new spouse. You can now view the video and see the tears and happiness in your family and friend’s faces, experience the joy and all the happy thoughts directed right at you and your Bride or Groom.

Exiting the Ceremony

It’s time for that trip down the aisle again! This time your friends and family follow you. What a wonderful sight to see them all behind you smiling and joyful. Without a video recording you would never be able to experience this!

Please be Upstanding….

That moment where you and your partner walk into your venue of choice, all of your friends are already in there, but you can’t see them, you’re outside waiting to enter! Now you can experience the build-up to your entrance from another perspective, watch as your wedding guests wait with anticipation for your big entrance as husband and wife.

The list goes on!

I could write this article all day about the moments that follow that are all so important to catch on video, everything from the speeches to the cutting of the cake and your very first dance as a married couple. All I can say is that to watch these moments on video for the very first time, will make you extremely grateful that you opted to film your wedding!

If you are  planning on hiring a wedding videographer   please feel free to get in contact with myself Eamon by Facebook, Messenger, Text or email, I will be more than happy to  answer any questions regarding  video coverage of your wedding day in Tipperary, Kilkenny or indeed any corner of Ireland.

More news soon
Regards Eamon.




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