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Useful Tips For Stress Free Wedding Planning

Weddings are wonderful occasions and for me as a wedding videographer based in Clonmel, Tipperary  I have the pleasure of attending a pretty large amount of weddings  annually,  each wedding is a magical event which  involves a huge amount of expense and forward planing, not to mention the stress. Here are some tips on planning the perfect wedding  without all that stress.Wedding-Planning-Kilkenny

What Kind of Wedding do You Want :

Decide on a Set Budget : By setting  your budget to what you can afford and setting out exactly how much you are going to spend on each supplier will help greatly.  Sit down with husband to be and discuss every detail of the wedding budget, make a list of all suppliers and decide on figure for each, remember to stick to your budget even if it involves dropping  certain suppliers.

Getting Friends Involved in Wedding Planning :

Help from Friends :  You can ease the pressure of wedding planning by asking your friends to help out ” you will  get by with a little help from your friends”  both sets of Parents, Bridesmaids & Groomsmen will be more than happy to help out, be sure not to give them a huge work load, it would be nice to remain  friends when the wedding day is over.

First task picking a Reception Venue :

Hotels and wedding venues:   Wedding venues in Ireland tend to be booked long in advance of the day, sometimes  as many as 3 or 4 years.  The wedding venue will  be the biggest cost and will leave a big hole in your hard earned wedding budget.  Picking your wedding venue first is a good start and will avoid disappointment especially  if you have your mind set on a particular one.

Wedding Planning
Wedding Planning

Planning  with-in your Means and not your Dreams :

A Dream Wedding with – in your Budget :  You don’t have to go way beyond your means to have a dream wedding.  If your dream wedding reception venue is a 3 hour drive for your wedding guests  or your ideal wedding videographer or band are way above the  average quotations that you are getting, forget about them.  Adapting a down to earth approach to choosing wedding suppliers  will  help to keep those purse strings in check, be sure to get price quotes from as many suppliers as possible.

Don’t Leave things on the long Finger:

Planning Well in Advance :  Leaving stuff until the last minute is a prescription for stress, we all tend to put off things  and leave them simmering on the back burner which is not on when it comes to planning the biggest day of your life. Make a check list of  jobs to be done, set a date for completion and stick to it, try to have everything done at least a week before the day, just imagine its the week of your wedding and all jobs done “it is possible” just by sticking to your plan.

Surround yourself with Positive – Minded People :

Say no to Negativity :  Sounding  yourself with positive – minded calm people is very important when it comes to planning your big day,  you will not want to hear comments such as “the weather forecast is predicting rain on your wedding day”  or “I hear that your wedding venue is getting bad reviews” sometimes parents can be  a little over enthusiastic on  giving advice which may cause tension, the advice is to agree with  them for sake of peace and use your own better judgment.

Wedding Time Out:

All Work and no Play :  During the wedding planning  it’s easy to forget about  taking time out to enjoy each others company, you will need to plan days off  to relax by putting the wedding plans out of your head.  You might  also like to socialize with your bridesmaids every now and again in a wedding free state of mind, its a good way of recharging your mind and body  for the next round of planning.

Thanks for reading my blog post  ” Happy Wedding Planning”

Regards Eamon



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