Wedding Style and Fashion for Weddings in Ireland 2015/2016

As a busy wedding videographer covering weddings in Ireland, I get to see all the latest wedding fashion and style, on arrival home from weddings my wife will usually  be interested in a description of the Bride’s dress and the general style, so here goes I have decided to research and share the latest wedding fashion news in Ireland.

We’re only a few months into 2015 and I’ve already spotted some exciting emerging trends. In this latest instalment of my wedding industry news, I bring you some of the hottest wedding trends I’ve seen so far this year and tell you how to get ahead with the trends for 2016.

Risque Bridal Dresses

A bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and the current trend for sexier wedding dresses is certainly  turning a few heads. Plunging necklines and tighter bodices are the theme for 2015.

Wedding Fashions Ireland
Wedding Fashions Ireland

This year dresses are tending to flare from the knee rather than the waist. Long tight bodices extend past the hips into a straight line skirt, then at the knee the dress kicks out to form a trumpet shape. The top two thirds of the dress is kept relatively simple, while the bottom third may be host to a whole range of decorations.

Fringing on skirts brings a touch of 1920s class to the design, while many brides opt for the opulence of deep fabric ruffles, or dozens and dozens of fabric roses.

Bucket Loads Of Colour

I am really enjoying the current trend for unleashing a riot of colour onto a wedding. Instead of the carefully controlled complimentary shades more commonly seen in recent years, brides are opting for a more eclectic  palette.  But these aren’t just any old colours mish mashed together. The rainbow of hues have been carefully
chosen to bring cheer and vibrancy to the occasion, without it looking like an explosion in a paint factory.,

Fun ways to add an extra splash of colour include multi-coloured cakes, using a wide range of differently coloured flowers in the bouquet, and decorating the pew ends with a different colour for each row, creating a rainbow effect. One of my favourite trends is for the bridesmaids to be wearing the same dress but each in a different colour. Not every lady suits the same hues, so having the bridesmaids choose their favourite shade helps everyone look and
feel their best on the day.

DIY Wedding Elements

In an effort to stop wedding costs spiralling out of control and add a personal touch to the day, I have seen some lovely DIY efforts this year. While couples continue to splash out on the essentials, they are also doing whatever they can themselves.

There are certain areas worth investing in, for example the venue and food.  And of course a professional wedding  videographer is essential to ensure those special memories are captured perfectly (I recommend Drangan Video, although I am of course a little biased).

But there are plenty of wedding preparations that can be completed by the bride, groom and willing family or friends ahead of the event.
Creating your own room, table and pew decorations for example, can save hundreds of Euros.  And not only does it reduce the budget needed for the wedding, the creative process can be fun and exciting too.  All these small preparations add to the library of happy memories associated with the run up to the wedding.

I’m looking forward to seeing the fashions that develop over the next few months, although usually this first quarter sets the tone for the rest of the year.

If you want to keep ahead of the latest trends for a wedding next year, keep an eye on New York Bridal Week. It runs from April 18th to the 20th and will showcase bridal gowns from leading fashion designers. The Paris Bridal Fair runs over the same three days, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to ideas and designs.

Thanks for reading,

Regards Eamon

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