Wedding Video Kilkenny

I have been careful  in recent weeks  about showcasing my Wedding Video Highlight Clips in blog posts, it has been brought to my attention that my style of work  is  been copied by another Wedding Videographer in Tipperary, more about this at the end of this blog post.

Wedding Video Kilkenny
Wedding Video Kilkenny

Congratulations to Lyndsey Dunne and John Egan on what was a brilliant Wedding, the Wedding Ceremony took place in Church of the Assumption Callan, Kilkenny. The following Highlight Video Clip features lovely footage of the Bridal Preps with Lyndsey and the girls.

It was an honour  to be asked to record a Wedding Video for another member of the Dunne family, I was the Videographer for Lyndsey’s sister Pamela two years ago.  The Wedding of Lyndey Dunne And John Egan was one of the most eagerly anticipated Weddings in Kilkenny they both have broad circle of friends and are a very popular couple.  Drangan Video has recorded Wedding Videos through out Kilkenny and Callan for many of their friends.  Lyndsey’s warmth and John’s  charm is  evendent  in their Wedding DVD high light clip.  The Wedding Reception took place in the wonderful Newpark Hotel Kilkenny which is now one of the top Wedding Venues In Kilkenny and Tipperary.  The Wedding Photographer for the day was the very talented  Seamus Costello, I have recorded many Wedding Videos In Kilkenny and the South East with Seamus.  Lyndsey & John  requested that their Wedding Highlights be shared on Facebook check out Drangan Video On Facebook.

Just getting back to the opening chapter in this post which refers to my work been copied by another Wedding Videographer In Tipperary. It was actually a future local Bride to be that alerted me about  this issue,  I checked out some recent samples by this guy  and sure enough a very

Wedding Videographer Kilkenny
Wedding Videographer Kilkenny

good attempt had been made to copy  my camera style and production skills.  My initial reaction was one of annoyance  and surprise that someone  would attempt  to mimic another Videographer’s work.  After giving it some though over the past  few weeks  I now realize and feel honoured that this guy is in awe of the quality  of my work LOL 🙂


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