What to Expect in 2017 – Wedding Trends, Colour Palettes and More

Hard to believe we are talking about 2017 wedding trends already, it seems like only yesterday that I was writing a similar article about 2016! As always when we start into January, we start looking ahead to our Spring and Summer bookings and this year is no different.

Are you getting married in 2017 or 2018? Would you like to explore some of the trends that are popular at the moment and see if they may be right for you? In this blog post I am going to briefly cover some trends that appear to be most popularly forecasted for 2017 and will go on to cover them in more detail in later post. If there are any trends you would like to know more about, please feel free to let us know and we will make sure to address them in 2017.

Wedding Trends 2017
Wedding Trends 2017

Paper, Paper, Everywhere!

It seems that our love for technology has not diminished our love for the more traditional things in life, and for that I am most grateful. This coming 2017 wedding season sees paper take centre stage once more, and we’re not just talking about your wedding stationery here! 2017 looks to put paper the forefront of wedding décor, everything from centrepieces to bouquets can all be crafted from craft paper, tissue and recycled materials. This is a trend we are delighted to see, and remember it can all be recycled so there’s no waste and let’s face it, paper is so very easy to source in a variety of finishes, weights and designs.

First Look Photographs and Videos

Whilst it does go against the tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding, first look photo’s and videos are becoming increasingly popular amongst Irish couples. That wonderful moment when you first clap eyes on each other before your wedding can be one of the most beautiful and emotional images you can take on your wedding day. For more information on first look photography and videography, see our recent blog post, which explains all you need to know.

Wedding Apps

This year has seen the removal of the disposable camera from tables up and down the country. This tradition had lasted even longer than we anticipated considering everyone has their own camera in their pocket these days. However, we are now seeing an upsurge in wedding apps, which allow your guests to take photos on their phone and upload them to your very own wedding album. Check out our favourite wedding app wedpics to see how you can involve your wedding guests in making your day all that more special.

Wedding Trends Tipperary And Kilkenny Weddings
Wedding Trends Tipperary And Kilkenny Weddings

Rose Gold, Ruffles and Romance

2017 sees the return of romantic colours such as peach, dusky rose, rose gold and rich cream to the wedding palette. We absolutely love these colours and they look exceptionally well in photos and video on the big day. We also see more romantic trends returning such as ruffles, lace, corsages and headpieces of feather and pearl.

Over the coming months we will be further exploring 2017 wedding trends and we would absolutely love to hear from any of our potential brides and grooms with any tips they might have.

To enquire about wedding videography services for your 2017 wedding, please feel free to contact us here at Drangan Video at any time.

Happy Wedding Planning
Regards Eamon.

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