“You Must Like Your Wedding Videographer”

Having a  videographer  has become a must rather than a want at

Like Your Videographer
Like Your Videographer

weddings.  That is because no matter how wonderful your photographer is, there is nothing quite like watching the real thing in real time.  However, trying to convince the bride that videography is just as important as photography on their wedding day is one of the biggest challenges in the industry.  Many brides don’t realize how important their film is until after the wedding.  Consequently, more newly-weds, nearly 98%, now recommend that couples have their weddings professionally filmed.   When looking for a videographer, there are five main points you should keep in mind.  These will more or less help decide which one is the right fit for you.

1.       We must have  a wedding video.  Sounds obvious, I know.  Weddings are special and intimate.  They require someone with an extensive knowledge of how to get the important shots,  yet be respectful and discreet at the same time and especially during the wedding Ceremony.   Wedding videographers have a passion for what they do and you will want that reflected in your video.  However, a surprising amount of couples will hire someone who bought a camera, shot a friends wedding, and then knighted themselves a videographer.  Another misconception is that all videographers are the same.  You may have a friend in the ‘television and film industry’ that is willing to shoot your wedding for €500,  but weddings are completely different from any other type of film production.  Paying a premium for someone with years of experience in wedding videography will pay off in the final production

Wedding Planning
Wedding Planning

2.       Do you like your videographer?  Again, this may sound obvious, but it remains one of the key factors that will determine whether or not you will like your wedding video.  You will be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day, and will likely be staying in contact for many months after.  Having a good rapport with your videographer ensures that they know what is important to you.  Good wedding videographers  know that your wedding day is about you and not them.   They should get your vibe,  get your relationship and not cramp your style.  You should steer clear of anyone with a ‘diva-like’ attitude who is unwilling to be a bit flexible.

3.       Consider the shooting style.  Do you like videos with lots of movement?  Do you like traditional or cinematic?  Every wedding Videographer has his or her  own style of shooting.  When you are doing your research and visiting different videographers sites,  pay attention to what you like.  When you meet with the videographer, you should have the opportunity to see a range of different weddings.  Do the videos hold your attention, or did you get bored after a minute or two?  Chances are, if you enjoy watching a video of a total stranger, then you will love your own wedding film.

4.       Consider the editing style, I think that it is very important that your weeding video is actually edited and produced by the person that shot

Wedding Video Editing
Wedding Video Editing

the wedding.  I could not  ever  consider  handing over my  camera footage over to someone  else  for editing.  There are lots of different ways your wedding video could end up looking,  so make sure that you like the editing style of your videographer and dont forget to ask as to who will be editing and producing your wedding video.  Simple is better.  Couples think that adding in a myriad of special effects will make their video more interesting.  Usually the reverse is true; it ends up making the video dated.  Good shooting to begin with needs very little ‘dressing up’ in the post production.  However, note that it is normal to have a few minor errors and over shoots  during a long video.

5.       It isn’t all about the price.  If you are solely basing your choice on price, then you may be in for a huge disappointment when your wedding video arrives.  It can be overwhelming, even shocking sometimes, when you start to price out videographers.  But when you consider that 9 out of 10 brides polled after their wedding regret not hiring a videographer, it puts a different spin on things.  Be sceptical  of cheap quotes,  its also a little bit suspicious when a videographer dose not display a price list on his website, chances are that he is quoting different prices for each wedding or hiding from the tax man.  Creating a quality wedding video requires a good length of time and extensive, up to date equipment.   When you pay for a videographer’s service you are paying for his talent of shooting and the time it takes to edit the footage.  You should plan to pay almost  as much

Happy Weddings Tipperary
Happy Weddings Tipperary

as you would for a professional photographer.

Professional wedding videographers should use state of the art cameras, wireless microphones, have a second shooter or assistant, backup equipment, and offer add-ons such as a Love Story or Same Day Edits.  A number of professional wedding videographers in Tipperary are offering a  Same Day Edited Video Clip which is shown in the function room just before the first dance, its a lovely idea and your guests will love it.  So there you have it.  Wedding videography is often the most overlooked purchase for weddings in Tipperay and Ireland but those who have invested in a quality wedding videographer will heartily agree that it was one of the best decisions they have made.

Here are a few important questions and considerations when selecting a Wedding Videographer.

1 Website :  A busy website is a sign of busy Wedding Videographer, his/her  site should contain loads of recent Wedding Samples and regular blog posts.  All wedding packages should contain  a price list. The videographer should have strong and busy Facebook Page showing recent video clips  (not just stills)  and  with comments from followers.

2 Style :  You should be drawn to his/her particular style of production as seen on his website, the videographer should be more than happy to let you have a full wedding Video for viewing.

3 Recommendations :  from other couples is a big plus, here at Drangan Video In Tipperary  60% of  our bookings come as referrals from  couples who have used Drangan Video to record their Wedding Day. The remaining 40% of bookings come from the website www.dranganvideo.com  and the  Drangan Video Facebook Page.

4 Price :  this in my opinion is not the most important consideration, the quality of the work is  probably what has drawn your attention  to a particular Wedding Videographer.  There are quit a few Wedding Videographers in Tipperary and Munster who are all generally working for the same price,  average price €950 depending on the package.

5  Full Time Videographer :  There are many parktime videographers who hold down a full-time  job and record Wedding Videos in their spare time at the weekend.  It might be no harm to ask if he/she is working full-time  as a videographer, I dont believe that it is possible to give 100% commitment to two jobs.

6 Editing :  will the videographer be shooting and editing his/her work, this is something that I am most passionate about. When a camera man  is shooting a wedding video he will get a feel for the wedding and all the fun and emotions that he is capturing on the day.  I  seldom use the same style of recording for any two weddings.  I am always thinking  ahead to the the post-production and editing stage,  this why I always edit my own camera footage.  I know many local videographers in Tipperary who would agree that editing their  own camera footage is a must for a professional looking Wedding DVD.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post :

Warm regards.

Eamon Anglim




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