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Advantages Of Having A Small Wedding

Weddings are undergoing huge changes regarding guest numbers due to complience  with Covid restrictions, I have been videographer for many smaller weddings over the past few weeks its great to be back at work again and embracing the new wedding normal.

Kilkenny Videographer

My most recent couple Sinéad and James enjoyed a lovely day last weekend, it was a Kilkenny Cork match with a Tipperary connection, the father of the bride is from Tipp living in Kilkenny.  The wedding ceremony took place in Tullaroan church a small number of family and guests attended the ceremony embracing the new social distancing rules. The weather was fab photographer Ben Power set up up some lovely outdoor shots in and around Johns Bridge in Kilkenny City.
Sinéad & James had been planning and looking forward to their big day for for the almost two years, the plan was to have a bigger wedding but because of the new restitctions on numbers they had to go for smaller numbers. Like so many couples Sinéad & James had thought about putting off the wedding untill 2021 or 2022, they eventually decided to hold out and go ahead with the original date.
They have no regrets it was a fab wedding smaller numbers with the atmosphere  of a big wedding. Thanks Sinead & James for choosing me as your wedding videographer.

Kilkenny Wedding Videographer

Advantages of having a small wedding

Big weddings are quite expensive and are stressful to organize, so why not consider cutting back your guest list to just close family and a few special friends. Cutting down on numbers  means that you will save a considerable amount on your wedding reception. If you are on a tight budget this is the right option for you. You can still choose an upmarket venue with all the trimmings but without the 200 guests

Easier to organize a small wedding
The main benefits of a small celebration is stress free wedding planning, much less drama, less decisions to make. Its nice to have happy memories  of your  pre-wedding activities such as having fun and chatting with your bridesmaids and shopping for the wedding dress

Spend big on things that are important for you

Now that you have decided celebrate your special day with fewer guests you will be able to get the most from your wedding budget. Why not spend the extra  money saved on a fab wedding menu, top class wedding videographer (that would be Drangan Video) your favourite photographer or a  popular  wedding band.

Enjoy a more personal wedding celebration.
Whether you prefer finger food with drinks  or a sit down meal, a small wedding allows you to create a personal and relaxed atmosphere where you can chat and mingle with all of your guests. This allolws you to be able to enjoy your wedding celebration  and not feel stressed about trying to meet every single one of 200 guests, just sit back relax and enjoy each others company.

Larger choice of wedding venues for small weddings
If you are planning on having a large wedding  you will have a smaller choice  of venues that can host  larger groups,  if your guest numbers are small  then you will have many more options including restaurants, bars, Cafes,  wineries and outdoor venues. You will have less tables to decorate, so why not splash out on eye catching wedding centerpieces, floral arrangements and DIY projects.
Making  your own wedding invitations would be a huge task if you are inviting 200 guests.  A small  wedding  makes it easier to do DIY projects  so you can really add your creative talents to the whole event.

Drangan Video Tipperary

If you are currently in the process of planning your dream wedding and are worried about restrictions on guest numbers, please feel free contact Eamon here at Drangan Video who will be happy to discuss our range wedding video packages especially tailored to suit smaller weddings in Kilkenny, Tipperary, Cork, Waterford and countywide.




Why you should be attending your local wedding fair

No doubt you’ve seen adverts and campaigns for wedding fairs in Tipperary and Kilkenny or up and down the country from the very moment of your engagement. Which should you attend and which should you give a wide berth? Some of the largest wedding fairs in the country, while very worthwhile in most cases, can be an expensive day out if you have to make a long journey and let’s be honest; most of the suppliers will serve only the bigger cities. In this article we are going to talk about the importance of attending wedding fairs in your own locality and how it can be a very worthwhile day out.

Wedding Fair In Kilkenny

• Get to know your local wedding vendors and suppliers
You may be under the mistaken impression that your small town or rural locality may not have a lot to offer for your big day. This is where you are most certainly incorrect. Most small towns across Ireland are littered with small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and craft enthusiasts that can make your wedding day all that more special. Take a trip to your local wedding fair and see for yourself.

• Have fun spending time with friends and family
The beauty of a local wedding fair is that there is little or no travel required. Any friends or family you would like to attend should have no problems taking an hour out of their day and elderly relatives will be appreciative of a local venue.

• Get Inspiration
Every wedding fair you attend will give you buckets of information, sometimes a little too much. The larger fairs can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused about the choices you will need to make in the coming months, but a smaller more intimate venue with suppliers you know and trust can prove the most inspirational of all.

Wedding Fair In Tipperary

• Supporting Local Business will make you feel Good
Supporting a local business with a great reputation can make you feel infinitely better than dealing with a national company or enterprise. You are in essence keeping the supplier in business, what could be better than supporting those in your own locality?

• Get the Chance to Enter some Great Competitions
When you attend the larger wedding fairs and enter the many competitions in the hope of winning a service or product, you are competing with the thousands of others who are visiting that day or indeed that week. By going to a local event you have a much better chance of bagging something that will make a difference to your big day.

• You can ask all the questions you want
Local wedding suppliers will have the time to answer any questions you may have and will be quicker to follow up with any queries if it is just a one-day event. It will also be easier to contact the supplier after the event if you need to by simply popping to their place of business.

For those of you who are planning on hiring a wedding videographer, please get in touch and we will be happy to let you know if we are attending a wedding fair in your locality.

More wedding planning news soon

What Pinterest is telling us about wedding trends in 2017

Are you planning your wedding in Ireland at the moment? Perhaps you’re getting married in Tipperary or Kilkenny? If so, we would love to hear from you here at Drangan Video, where we can offer you a tailored wedding video package to suit any budget. Regardless of where you are situated in the country, we are available to travel to the venue of your choice.

Now, with the planning process in mind we have been doing a lot of research on Pinterest, along with, it would seem – every bride in Ireland!

Pinterest is without doubt one of the most helpful tools any wedding planner can have at their disposal and always proves to be a mine of information for those who use it. In 2017 we can tell you that the top searched wedding information on Pinterest with regards to weddings is…. Drumroll please!

Tipperary Wedding News Pinterest
• Simple Wedding Hair Styles

Clearly the days of elaborate hairstyles are gone, todays emphasis is on simple up styles, curls and twists that every bride can do herself.

• Blue Suits for Men

Well we would be blind if we didn’t notice this trend over the past 24 months! The grooms and their groomsmen have clearly been very successfully marketed to and are all looking for the on trend blue suit.

• Brogues

A trend that goes hand in hand with the blue suits we mentioned above. Irelands men have embraced their heritage and are all about the brown brogues that have taken the country by storm.

Wedding Shoes For Kilkenny Wedding
• Matching Wedding Tattoos

This one caught us by surprise, but it seems more and more brides and grooms are opting for a permanent reminder of their big day. In particular we are seeing many tattooed wedding rings and small tattooed symbols that will no doubt stand the test of time along with any marriage.

• Statement Wedding Jewellery

Brides today are looking for jewellery that strays from the more tradition delicate diamonds and pearls and are opting for statement pieces that really say something special about the bride. Luckily Ireland is blessed with talented jewellery makers that can design a piece specifically for your desires.

Tipperary Wedding Cakes
• Taco Bars

Yes, you read that right. Searches for Taco bars are up a whopping 142% on 2016 and it looks like wedding guests could be treated to a whole host of mouth-watering options to choose from. What a wonderful idea… although we do have some reservations about some of the stains this could leave behind on wedding attire!

• Drop Frosted Wedding Cakes

One of the newest trends to hit our shores, and without doubt one of the most sought after. These beautifully decorated masterpieces will certainly be a most dramatic centrepiece on your big day.

Now, regardless of what’s trending and what’s not, we would always recommend going with choices that truly suit you and your intended. Trends are all very well, but as we all know, they certainly come and go. Choose options that are close to your heart and ask yourself if you will be happy with those decisions in years to come.

Kilkenny Bridal Hair Style

As always, the team here at Drangan Video would love to hear from you if you are planning a wedding in Ireland. We offer a host of wedding video packages and will be happy to travel anywhere in the country to capture your big day.

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Limerick as a Wedding Destination

Here at Drangan Video, we have had the pleasure of travelling all over the country to provide our wedding videography services to happy couples. During our travels, we’ve seen plenty of beautiful wedding  destinations that have been the perfect backdrop for the high quality videos we’ve shot.

One of the most stunning wedding destinations in the country is in our (very unbiased) opinion Limerick. Offering a diverse and beautiful selection of locations, Limerick is truly an excellent wedding destination. Here are some of our favourite places in Limerick for wedding ceremonies, receptions and of course, wedding videos.

Adare Manor

Adare Manor is simply one of the most awe-inspiring wedding venues in the county. We love this manor house, which was built in 1862 and now serves as a hotel and wedding venue. The establishment is a five star hotel and is an ideal venue for couples looking for a luxurious place to get married. The beautiful manor house is surrounded by stonewall gardens, winding woodland paths and tranquil ponds, making it the perfect setting for many of our wedding shoots and is always a delight for wedding videographers

Radisson Blu Hotel

Whether it’s a small or a large gathering, the Radisson Blu Hotel is a perfect wedding venue, and offers some spectacular scenery. The hotel itself is a spacious venue, which overlooks beautiful landscaped gardens. The Radisson Blu also provides a great outdoor terrace area, where you can enjoy a glass of champagne after the ceremony. It’s a beautiful setting for wedding photography and videography.

St John’s Cathedral

One of the most amazing wedding venues in Limerick is without doubt, St John’s Cathedral. Being one of Limerick’s most iconic landmarks, it is the perfect place to host a grand wedding. The cathedral is a particularly apt setting for traditional weddings. With its stunning spires, and Victorian, gothic style architecture, St John’s Cathedral is a truly unforgettable wedding location.

Wedding Video Locations In Limerick
Wedding Video Locations In Limerick







Limerick Strand Hotel

Situated on the stunning river Shannon, the Limerick Strand Hotel is a magical and scenic setting for any wedding. The hotel features beautiful gardens, an outdoor terrace area and stunning views of the River Shannon and the city skyline. This four star hotel is renowned for its award winning food and service. A great location for weddings of all sizes.

Fanningstown Castle

Nestled in the stunningly, picturesque countryside of Limerick, Fanningstown Castle is a glorious wedding venue. Perfect for brides and grooms looking for a truly grand wedding backdrop, Fanningstown offers several reception rooms, as well as an outdoor dining space. What’s particularly striking about this venue, aside from the castle itself of course, are the beautiful gardens that surround it. The gardens provide a lovely setting for a wedding video that you’re sure to cherish.

Limerick is definitely a destination that should be considered when planning your wedding. The city and county are steeped in history and offer scenery that is unparalleled.

If you require the services of a professional wedding videographer in Limerick or anywhere in Ireland, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always honoured to capture your magical wedding day on film, and all within a budget that suits your needs.

More exciting wedding news soon
Regards Eamon  Drangan Video

Talented Kilkenny T.Y Students Putting on A Show In Callan

So Christmas 2015 is long gone and its full steam  ahead for 2016 which is looking like another busy year.  In this blog post im delighted to share a snippet from one the many school shows recorded through out Tipperary, Kilkenny and Waterford by Drangan Video .  ” Habits With Talent” was staged by the girls of St. Brigid’s College Callan Co. Kilkenny  it was a wonderful show, the 2015/2016 T.Y students did their school proud.

The future is looking very bright for St. Bridid’s with the commencement of the new school building project. The major refurbishment and building has already commenced at a cost €5 million it is a welcome boost to the local economy.

The construction is a welcome and exciting landmark for the school community at St. Brigid’s, the development which includes updating of existing buildings combined with a new extension , will provide a state of the art teaching environment for many years to come.


School Shows By Drangan Video Tipperary
School Shows By Drangan Video Tipperary






St. Brigid’s will remain in use throughout the project, with the work to be phased to minimise disruption to the school. The first phase will include the renovation of the old Scoil Mhuire and the creation of a central General Purpose Area, to be completed in Spring 2016. The balance of the work is scheduled for completion in late-2016.

I would like to wish the staff and future students of St. Brigid’s Girls every success for the future in their new state of the art college. I am already looking forward to recording next year’s show and not forgetting the up coming fashion show in May.

More Drangan Video News Soon.

Cheers Eamon