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Autumn Weddings in Ireland

When it comes to saying goodbye to the summer months, it’s not too difficult when we have some fabulous autumn weddings lined up! Autumn is a magical time of year when we can still enjoy the outdoors without totally wrapping up against the elements. In Ireland particularly, we can never be too sure of the weather, however, autumn seems to be one of our more stable seasons and we generally get the weather that is expected for this time of the year.

Autum Weddings  In Kilkenny

As a videographer, I absolutely love the autumn backdrop and find many likeminded Irish brides and grooms have chosen to celebrate their nuptials during this wonderful season.

This autumn we have been booked to provide wedding videography for a number of weddings in Tipperary, Kilkenny and Waterford as well as other counties throughout Ireland. It is with this in mind that I would like to share with you some of my favourite spots in these areas.

Wedding Videos in Tipperary, Kilkenny and Waterford.

Kilkenny is a wonderful spot to celebrate your autumn wedding and boasts a wealth of scenic locations that are just perfect for your wedding videos and photographs. Some of the views overlooking Kilkenny Castle from Wind Gap are simply breath-taking and I can also recommend Kilkenny Castle Park itself with it’s giant oak trees a magnificent autumnal bronze at this time of year. If you’re contemplating an autumn wedding in Kilkenny have a look at the list below for some other sweet wedding videography locations that turn a magnificent umber in the autumn months:

• The Weir at Kells, Co. Kilkenny
• Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny
• The Canal Walk in Kilkenny City

Autum Wedding In Waterford



This autumn, I have the pleasure of filming 3 weddings in Tipperary. Without doubt this is one of my favourite locations to shoot at this time of year and it’s absolutely perfect for those of you who wish to include the outdoors in your wedding video.

One of my personal favourite locations is at St. Patricks Well near Clonmel, an absolutely breath-taking location in the autumn months and superb as a backdrop for both wedding photographs and videos.

Some other autumn favourites in Tipperary include:

• The banks of Lough Derg, Co. Tipperary
• The grounds of Kilshane House
• Swiss Cottage, Cahir, Co. Tipperary

Autum Wedding Photo Tipperary



Waterford, the location of choice for many of our brides and grooms this year! Always a frontrunner in the most popular locations for weddings in Ireland, Waterford boasts an abundance of colour drenched scenic spots during the autumn months.

• The banks of the River Blackwater
• Backdrop of the Comeragh Mountains
• Curraghmore House and Gardens
If autumn 2017 is anything like it was last year, we can hope to see the leaves on the trees right up to the cusp of winter, giving couples up and down the country that little bit of extra colour on their wedding day.

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Irish Wedding Traditions you can make your own

Whether you are getting married in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Cork or Galway, this overview of Irish wedding traditions could be just what you’re looking for to add something special to your big day.

Money for Luck

In Ireland it is a long-standing tradition to present each other with coins on the day of the wedding. These coins symbolise luck and prosperity for the new bride and groom. For those of you who have a religious faith, it can be a nice touch to get the coins blessed by the priest saying the mass.

Wedding Traditions In Kilkenny
The Irish Horseshoe

The horseshoe is one of Irelands oldest wedding traditions and can be displayed at your home, at the ceremony or in another location of your choice. Be aware that the horseshoe should be displayed pointing upwards (like the letter U) to symbolise that your luck will never run out during your married life.

Tying the Knot – Handfasting

No doubt you are familiar with the term ‘tying the knot’! This ancient reference comes from the act of Handfasting, which was originally practiced in Celtic regions across the globe. Handfasting involves the couple holding hands, right hand to right hand and left hand to left hand. The joined hands are then bound with the Handfasting ribbon to symbolise their union. A beautiful old tradition, which seems to be going through somewhat of a revival.

The Blue Bride

Believe it or not, it is Irish tradition that the bride dresses in blue, not the white we most associate with weddings in Ireland today. In ancient Irish folklore, blue symbolised purity and was therefore the colour of choice for brides across the country. Thinking of adding a little ‘blue’ to your own wedding? Why not accent your bridal party outfits with shades of marines or dusky blues if you’re not quite sure about wearing blue yourself on the big day.

The Wedding Harpist

Even today a lot of brides and grooms will book a harpist to play either at their wedding ceremony or for their guests upon arrival at the reception venue. The harpist has a deep-rooted history of playing for Irish weddings and we are delighted that this tradition has lasted throughout the centuries.

Tying The Knot A Tipperary Wedding Tradition
The Magic Hanky

A thoughtfully embroidered handkerchief thought to symbolise fertility for the married couples future. The magic hanky should be incorporated into the bride’s outfit for the day in some way. Here are some ways in which you can do that:

Use the hanky as a garter

Wrap your bouquet stems in the hanky
Have the hanky stitched to the inside of your dress.
Make it part of your hairpiece.

Ancient stories tell us that once the ceremony is over, the bride should store the magic hanky in a safe place until the couple’s first-born child arrives and should then fashion a bonnet for the baby from the magic material. Such a lovely way to share your big day with your child!

Well we certainly learned a lot when we started researching these old Irish wedding traditions and we hope that you have found the information insightful and inspiring. What better way to keep our Irish traditions alive and well than by making them a part of your very own big day!

Should you require the services of a professional videographer for your wedding in Kilkenny, Tipperary or any other county, please feel free to get in touch with Eamon here at Drangan Video, who is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Fantastic Production By The Rosegreen Players Cashel Co.Tipperary

Since setting up Drangan Video I’ve had the pleasure of  shooting wedding videos and other events in many parts of Ireland, I must admit that the challenge of working on new projects in any part of Ireland is very rewarding.
When all is said and done I am a Tipperary based videographer and there is nothing better than filming weddings, shows, musicals, sports and corporate events in my home county.
In this blog post I am happy to share The Rosegreen Players 2016 production of ” Time Was”

The Rosegreen Players are based in Rosegreen, Cashel Co. Tipperary  they have been staging top quality drama productions for more than than a decade, I am very proud to have been their preferred  choice of videographer for all their performances to date.

Shows and Musicals In Cashel, Co. Tipperary
Shows and Musicals In Cashel, Co. Tipperary




This year’s production was staged in the Rosegreen Community Hall  over three nights and a full house for each performance, I am already looking forward to the 2017 drama which no dough will live up the high standards of past productions.

Things To Do And Seee In Cashel/Rosegreen:
Few sights are as impressive as the Rock of Cashel. From all corners of the town you can see how imposing the stronghold is. It’s not for nothing that it’s one of the top postcards of Ireland. Built in the 12th century, it was given to the Church 500 years ago so what you see inside is actually the ruins of a Cathedral.
Hore Abbey:

This old ruin has a spiritual feel about it… the surrounding fields has cows walking about…. you can just go there anytime and its free.

Bru Boru Cultural Centre Cashel :
Well worth a visit it has a nice selection of Irish craft products at decent prices. When you spend 15 Euros you get free admission to the Rock of Cashel. The staff are very friendly and helpful.
Cashel Folk Village :
1916 – War of Independance musuem  is run by Bernard, a gentleman with a wealth of knowledge on every item in his musuem,   there are lots of fascinating artifacts on show.
Cashel Heritage Centre and Museum:
The Museum is really two rooms stuck onto the back of the Tourist information centre. Although it is small and a little bit rundown there are a number of very interesting exhibits in the form of the Town charters that date back to the Stuart era and lots of information about Cashel town and history that made a good counterpoint to the Royal and ecclesiastical history of the Rock itself.
An Bothan Scoir :
Bothan Scor is apparently an example of a labourer`s cabin. It probably housed those fortunate enough to have steady work during the time (around 1640). Those people who only had seasonal work (probably most during this time and onwards) had cabins made from mud and wattles.   Its a restored  dwelling approximately 365 years old, built with stone walls and a thatched roof. The site would have originally held ten cottages, four were stone cottages and the rest were made of mud and wattles. Opposite the ‘Bothain’ is the ‘Ducking Pond’ where unpleasant punishment was dished out to the ‘ladies’ who were accused of being witches and of partaking in unsocial behaviour in those times!
Once again a big congratulations to the cast and production team of the Rosegreen Players for a fantastic production of “Time Was” also thanks for choosing Drangan Video to record this year’s show.
More News soon.
Regards Eamon.







Flash Drives Are The Latest Format For your Wedding Video

Since setting up Drangan Video I have seen many  video formats come and go, for me it all began with VHS tapes  for both recording and supplying wedding videos.
Today  the majority of wedding videographers in Tipperary and Kilkenny  are supplying  wedding videos on DVD. Here at Drangan Video we are moving away from standard definition ( SD )  DVDs  and sharing a larger percentage of our weddings in full high definition  ( HD ) quality.

After  years of offering DVDs as a choice for wedding video delivery  flash  drives are quickly becoming our main format for supplying  top quality full high definition wedding  films. We will still be offering DVDS  as  an optional extra,  Blu Ray DVDS will also be available as a choice for viewing your wedding film in HD.

Top Quality HD wedding video Tipperary Kilkenny
Top Quality HD wedding video Tipperary Kilkenny







Flash drives will soon be our main format for delivery  of high quality wedding video to happy couples throughout  Tipperary, Kilkenny Carlow and Waterford and of coarse the greater Munster area

Why are we making this change ? Well the main reason is that it will allow us to supply our wedding videos in  broadcast high definition  quality, all our weddings are recorded  with the very latest HD cameras, I personally think that it is a shame to be converting the beautiful HD wedding footage to the lower quality SD – DVD quality.

We always like to keep up  with the latest wedding video trends.
With a digital video  file of your big day , you can share it with all your friends, here at Drangan Video we have no restrictions or issues about sharing your Video Files. The contents of the flash drive may be uploaded and shared on numerous  devices and played back on large screen TVs  just imagine looking back over those special wedding day moments  in cinema style quality.


I am excited about making the transition from wedding DVD to flash drive, when you book your wedding video with Drangan Video you are assured of been ahead of the current digital media trends, if you are just engaged and thinking about hiring a wedding videographer why not contact myself Eamon here at drangan video, I will be happy to discuss having your big day filmed and delivered  in stunning HD quality at an Affordable  price.

More Wedding Videograher News Soon
Best Regards




Exciting New Secondary School In Ballingarry Co Tipperary

As a videographer based in South Tipperary I am very proud to be sharing this promotional film which I had the pleasure of producing  for Presentation Secondary School Ballingarry. The Video has been officially launched in the school tonight for viewing by parents and future students from all over Tipperary.

The school principal Mrs. Cahill approached me about doing a promo video for the school back in August 2015 I realized that we only had two months for shooting and post-production but my enthusiasm for the project was overwhelming, I could not wait to get stuck in.

Drangan Video Promotional Films
Drangan Video Promotional Films







So here we are three months later on the launch night of the finished video, I’m really happy with the finished product its fab. Thanks to the staff for all their assistance  and help during  the camera shoots. A special thanks to Mrs. Angela Cahill for her input in post-production.

Welcome to Presentation Secondary School, Ballingarry

Presentation Secondary School is a voluntary Catholic Secondary School under the directorship of the Presentation philosophy of education and under the trusteeship of CEIST. Presentation Secondary school is a co-educational school, grant aided by the Department of Education & Skills.

Videographer Tipperary
Videographer Tipperary







Our History

When one looks back over the 140 years of the religious and educational establishment known affectionately as ‘the convent’ one realises the enormous contribution that the school has made to the local community since its foundation on August 22nd 1871.
The school has developed from being an elementary school at the outset to a renowned boarding school throughout the 1900’s and to a modern voluntary secondary school of over 300 pupils in the new millennium.

On August 22nd 1871, Rev.Mother Aloysius Green accompanied by four members of the Thurles Community – Mother De Sales Ryan, Mother Regis Croke, Sister Patrick Butler and Sister Magdalene came to Ballingarry.
These sisters endured the trials and hardships of any new religious foundation but were buoyed up by the fact that more than 100 children were enrolled for the Elementary/Primary School that they established.

The succeeding year brought developments and extensions to the convent. There was the building of the Primary School, the establishment of a Boarding School in 1887 and the construction of a Chapel in 1916. In 1940 a substantial extension to the convent resulted in the provision of classrooms, a study room and dormitories. In 1961, the first ever prefabricated building in Ireland was erected.
1967 saw great change with the growing need to consider co-education – this they embraced with enthusiasm answering the needs of the community at this time.
The present school was opened in 1983.

In the 1990’s further expansion took place, particularly in curriculum development. New courses such as the Transition Year Programme, Leaving Certificate Applied and Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme were included.
Plans are currently in progress for a new extension which will include a purpose built modern gymnasium.
The school community marches proudly into its third century, continuing to provide excellence in education.

More News Soon

Regards Eamon