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What We Loved About Irish Weddings in 2016

Well, here we are facing into the last weeks of 2016 and looking forward already to our spring and summer weddings in 2017. This year has seen an abundance of new trends for Irish Brides and Grooms, many of which are likely to continue right through to 2017. In this blog post I would like to talk about some of the more eye-catching and unique trends I have noticed over the past 12 months and perhaps inspire you and your intended with some ideas for your upcoming nuptials.

Wedding Planning Advice
Wedding Planning Advice For Weddings In Tipperary

Home-made Wedding Decor

Over the past year we have been blessed to video the most wonderful weddings up and down the country. What we noticed more and more as the month’s flew by was that Brides and Grooms were becoming more adventurous with the DIY aspect of their wedding décor. Some of the wonderful home-made touches we were lucky enough to enjoy included:

  • DIY Table centrepieces’,
  • Homemade wedding invitations,
  • Hand drawn place settings,
  • Twinkle lights and seasonal décor brought to new life by creative couples.

Alternative Wedding Suppliers

We have also seen an influx of new and exciting service providers, meaning the traditional aspects of a wedding ceremony are now not the only things to look forward to for guests and family.

  • Sweet Carts – stocked with wonderfully colourful candy and customised sweet jars and cups for guests to take away as a memento of the big day.
  • Make your own Tayto sandwich stand – without doubt one of the most impressive stands I’ve seen. Each guest could take away a pack that included bread, butter, plastic knife and of course a packet of cheese and onion Taytos. We were assured that this went down very well with all guests who were only too happy to have a quick and easy snack the morning after the festivities.
  • Bouncy castles, portable playgrounds and kids entertainment the likes of which we had never witnessed before. These extra touches go a long way for the little ones attending your big day and mean that the parents can relax without wondering if the festivities are a little too much for their child.

Alternative Wedding Guestbooks

There has also been some fabulously creative alternatives to the traditional guestbook

  • Wedding guestbook frames – write your message to the bride and groom on a little wooden heart and pop it into the frame provided through a little slot on the top. A wonderful keepsake for the Bride and Groom and something that will have them thinking of their wedding day for years to come.
  • Fingerprint wedding guestbook. Instead of writing on a traditional guest book, guests dip their finger or thumb in some paint or ink and stamp it on the canvas provided, along with their initials or a little note.
  • Christmas baubles – One wedding we worked at last Christmas, gave each of their guests a plain Christmas tree bauble along with a silver/gold pen and asked guests to write their names and hang it on the tree in the reception venue. A beautiful sight at the end of the night!
    Wedding videographer Tipperary, Ireland
    Drangan Video Tipperary Wedding Videographer

    Looking for some inspiration for your 2017 wedding? Over the coming months we will be posting about tips, tricks and trends to make your 2017 wedding a superbly successful day, so make sure you check back regularly.

    Looking for a wedding videographer? Eamon here at Drangan Video offers state of the art wedding videography services to suit all budgets. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have and remember, we are available to travel to venues nationwide.

    More Wedding News Soon


Including Nature in your Wedding Day

The beauty about getting married in counties such as Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow or Waterford  is that you are always surrounded by nature, scenic views and a unique heritage. The same of course is true for all counties in Ireland, so why not make the most of the wonderful land we live in by making it an integral part of your big day.

Nature-inspired wedding décor adds such a unique touch to weddings. We’ve seen brides and grooms across the country incorporate nature into their wedding décor with simply breath-taking results.

There are so many different ways that you can incorporate elements of nature into your big day, here are some of the more unique elements we have witnessed while filming weddings throughout the country!

Wedding Videographer Packages Kilkenny
Wedding Videographer Packages Kilkenny







Carved Initials

Seeing love-struck Initials carved onto tree bark is one of the oldest and most iconic symbols of love in the modern world, so, why not incorporate something similar into your wedding day?

On one occasion we were delighted to witness that the bride and groom had their initials carved onto pieces of wood, which were heart-shaped, and then used to decorate the tables at the their wedding.

What a wonderful way to incorporate natural elements and even more romance into your wedding day!

Gilded Fruit Centrepieces

Fruit can make for a wonderful centrepiece all on its own, but if you want to make it even more extravagant, choose some metallic spray paints, and spray the fruit for a romantic touch. Gilded fruit looks absolutely beautiful at the centre of a wedding table. If you want the fruit to be more than just a centrepiece, opt for edible paint so that the guests can tuck in at any stage of the day or night

Drangan Video Weddings In Kilkenny
Drangan Video Weddings In Kilkenny







Wooden Table Numbers

When you have a sizeable guest list it makes sense to have your tables numbered or named so that every guest can easily find where they are sitting. Why not give your table numbers or names a touch of the outdoors and have them carved from a special piece of stone or wood? Guest names can also be etched onto pebbles from your favourite beach or placed with posies from your own garden.

Decorated Tree Branches

Tree branches, twigs and ferns can make a wonderful addition to the décor of your wedding. Consider placing tree branches in a tall cylinder vase, and add some fresh flowers alongside it to create a dramatic centrepiece. Scatter some tea lights to further enhance the outdoor theme.

There are so many ways in which you can incorporate nature into your big day, choose plants or features that are personal to you and your intended, perhaps items that tell some part of your very own story.

Nature Wedding Video Tipperary
Nature Wedding Video Tipperary







Here at Drangan Video we offer state of the art wedding videographer services throughout Tipperary, Kilkenny, Limerick and the rest of the country. We don’t mind travelling, in fact we love it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote no matter where you are in the country.

More Wedding Blog News Soon
Happy Wedding Planning



Happy Wedding Video In The Valley Of Slievenamon Tipperary

Mullinahone is a small  town situated in the valley of Slievenamon Co. Tipperary otherwise know as the home of Charles J. Kickham ones of Ireland’s best loved  poet and writer.
Over the years in my role as a wedding videographer I get to shoot weddings in many beautiful and exciting parts of Ireland but none so beautiful as my home county Tipperary.
This week I am delighted to be sharing the wedding video highlights from the wedding of Lousie & William who were recently married in St. Michael’s Church Mullinahone !!  “local weddings are best” 🙂

The wedding shoot got off to a lively start with a visit to Louise and the girls as they prepared for the long awaited wedding . Louise’s Mum’s house is situated on the Mullinahone Callan road just a 4min drive from the church which was ideal for me.  When I arrived Karen Maher was attending to all make needs and doing a fantastic job as usual, if you are in the process of wedding planning and looking for a top class make up artist just go ahead and book  Karen Maher
Seamus Costello was in charge of wedding photograpy I have shot lots weddings in Tipperary  with Seamus he a lovely guy to work with.
I was delighted with my coverage of the bridal preps, the video clip features some lovely shots of Louise and her bridesmaids which were discreetly captured on film.

The wedding ceremony was celebrated by F. John McGrath  he is a lovely man  his wedding ceremonies are always personal and  lighthearted, we were out of the church within the hour which allowed extra time for greeting guests and the ever important photoshoot.

Killaghy Castle Mullinahone Tipperary :

Killaghy Castle is situated on the outskirts of Mullinahone, we stopped off there for the weeding photos, I also got  amazing wedding video footage inside the historic house.

The castle has been owned by numerous families over the years. The present owners are Pat and Maria Collins who bought the property in 1995. The family have spent several years renovating the Castle to ensure that it offers tourists a totally relaxing and tranquil break. It was their priority to adopt a sensitive approach to the restoration project, ensuring that the Castle retained its historic feel while providing all modern conveniences. The family currently farm extensively on the estate.

Killaghy Castle is an extremely popular destination for tourists from all over the world.  The family are happy to allow acess to the house and grounds for local weddings in Mullinahone and South Tipperary.

Hotel Kilkenny: Louise & William’s Wedding Reception

Upon entering hotel Kilkenny you immediately feel the wonderfully warm atmosphere that is simply a signature of a Griffin Group property. Your eye is instantly drawn to the wonderful Italian marble floors adorned by larger than life furniture pieces which include a giant purple chair and an ever-elegant pink chaiselong.

Wedding Video Mullinahone Co. Tipperary
Wedding Video Mullinahone Co. Tipperary






Lousie and William enjoyed a wonderful wedding reception in the Skyline Suite, a stunning room which caters for between 220 to 400 people and offers unrivaled spectacular views of Kilkenny’s cityscape.

Weddings In Tipperary :

I really enjoyed working with Louise and William and not forgetting Emma who was more than happy to join in with Mammy & Daddy for their  first dance, it is memories like this that are so special,  just imagine Emma looking back over the wedding video in years to come and reliving dancing with Mam & Dad on their wedding day , Magic Memories 🙂

Hiring A Wedding Videographer :

It was an early  start this morning 6am to be exact, I like to take time out from my busy work load  and get down to sharing wedding news, wedding tips and samples of my work.
I cannot understand why certain  wedding videographers in Tipperary are not sharing their work on their websites, this has been brought to my attention by couples who have been researching wedding videographers online, and were surprised that not all videographers were sharing  recent video samples.

I do hand out a full wedding DVD for viewing  if requested by a couple, but the vast majority of my costumers are  looking at my work on the drangan video website or on  facebook.
As  wedding videographers  we are selling a product and it is vital that samples of recent wedding videos are available on line for viewing.

If you are planning on getting married over the next couple of years, why not contact myself Eamon by email or Facebook I will be happy to film your big day  at a price that is affordable.

More Wedding Video News Soon.
Regards Eamon





The Most Important Moments Of Your Wedding Day Captured On Film

Here at drangan video in Tipperary we are right bang in the middle of the 2016 wedding season, the past few weeks have been hectic last weekend alone we shot wedding videos in Kilkenny, Tipperary and Galway. The majority of our weddings are in Tipperary but its also great to work in other counties, it is said that a change is as good as a rest. 🙂

The Most Important Moments Of Your Wedding Day:

There are times in life where we often think to ourselves ‘ I would love to wind back the clock’ or ‘wouldn’t it be great to experience that again’.  Luckily, with the technology we have today, we can relive moments time and time again through the power of videography. Think of your wedding video as the gateway to your wedding day, always open for you any time to revisit the most special moments of your day and experience them in all their glory.

In this blog post I am going to talk about some of the most important moments in your wedding day that should absolutely be captured on camera for you, your family, your friends and even grandchildren to enjoy at a later date.

Wedding Videographer In Tipperary
Wedding Videographer In Tipperary







Taking that Trip Down the Aisle

Without doubt one of the moments brides like to see most on their wedding video is that (sometimes long) walk down the aisle. With all the rushing around and the getting ready, we sometimes forget to stop and take in what’s going on around us. With your wedding video, you will be able to slowly relive the moment, see the faces on your friends around you and most importantly see the face once again of your groom as he sees you for the first time.

Saying ‘I do’

This is of course the most important part of your day, where you and your intended commit to each other for the rest of your lives. What other moment could be more important to rewatch as time goes by?

‘I now Pronounce you Man and Wife’

Those seven little words that now confirm you are married! All your friends and family stand up and applaud and more than likely you are looking straight at your new spouse. You can now view the video and see the tears and happiness in your family and friend’s faces, experience the joy and all the happy thoughts directed right at you and your Bride or Groom.

Exiting the Ceremony

It’s time for that trip down the aisle again! This time your friends and family follow you. What a wonderful sight to see them all behind you smiling and joyful. Without a video recording you would never be able to experience this!

Please be Upstanding….

That moment where you and your partner walk into your venue of choice, all of your friends are already in there, but you can’t see them, you’re outside waiting to enter! Now you can experience the build-up to your entrance from another perspective, watch as your wedding guests wait with anticipation for your big entrance as husband and wife.

The list goes on!

I could write this article all day about the moments that follow that are all so important to catch on video, everything from the speeches to the cutting of the cake and your very first dance as a married couple. All I can say is that to watch these moments on video for the very first time, will make you extremely grateful that you opted to film your wedding!

If you are  planning on hiring a wedding videographer   please feel free to get in contact with myself Eamon by Facebook, Messenger, Text or email, I will be more than happy to  answer any questions regarding  video coverage of your wedding day in Tipperary, Kilkenny or indeed any corner of Ireland.

More news soon
Regards Eamon.




Choices to be made when planning your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding needn’t be a stressful undertaking and most Brides admit that after the fact they actually really enjoyed it on the lead-up to their big day. In the months and years prior to the Wedding Day there are so many choices that need to be made. We take a look at some of the more important ones that you can get out of the way early in the preparation process, leaving you free to plan the little details without any pressure.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Tipperary







Save the Date
It goes without saying, that the very first thing you need to do is decide on a date for your wedding day. Once this has been set in stone you can then go about making all the other arrangements and sending out those much anticipated ‘save the date’ cards to family and friends.

Choosing a Wedding Ceremony Venue
With the arrival of the 21st Century in Ireland came a vast difference in the way we plan weddings. The traditional church wedding became just another choice instead of being the only one for many decades. Today we can choose from a church wedding, a registry office or one of the many indoor and outdoor venues  now registered with the HSE. Take a look at their website for some great ideas and choose somewhere unique for your very special day.

Choosing a Reception Venue
Ireland, without doubt has some of the most impressive reception venues in all of Europe and our breath-taking scenery and landscapes make for some very special settings indeed. You can choose from a country house hotel, a local restaurant or the grandest of castles! Keep in mind that venues need to be booked well in advance to guarantee your date of choice.

Making a Guest List
Whilst you needn’t produce a finalised guest list until the weeks prior to your wedding, it would be advantageous to you and your beholden to have a good idea of numbers well in advance. This will allow you to set a budget and get quotes from venues in your location of choice.

Making a Guest List
Whilst you needn’t produce a finalised guest list until the weeks prior to your wedding, it would be advantageous to you and your beholden to have a good idea of numbers well in advance. This will allow you to set a budget and get quotes from venues in your location of choice.

Choosing the Bridal & Grooms party
One of the very first things you should do is decide upon those friends and family closest to you and invite them to be part of your Bridal and Grooms parties. This will allow them to prepare in advance without any last minute panics and will ensure you have their assistance in the run up to the big day.

Once you have all the basics above covered, the rest will fall into place with an organized checklist and a calm approach. So what remains that can be done in the following months?

• Purchase the wedding rings
• Bridal and bridesmaids dresses
• Groom and groomsmen suits
• Transport
• Florists
• Music
• Entertainment
• Menu choices
• Videographer (that’s me!)
• Photographer
• Wedding stationery
• Gifts & favours
• Hairdresser appointments
• Makeup appointments
• Venue decorations
• Guest book
• Centrepieces
• The Wedding Cake
• And of course………The Honeymoon!

Should  you hire a wedding videographer ?

I’ve talked with many couples who have chosen not to hire a professional wedding videographer to document their wedding day Their main reason: Well its another exspence, our budget will not stretch that far and Uncle John has an iPhone and he can record the vows on it.

When it boils down to it, you can not put a price  on a video video like this:  Emotion. Sound. Movement. HD quality capturing moments that can’t be repeated ever again!

If you are planing your wedding and you are not sure about hiring a professional wedding videographer, why not contact myself Eamon here at Drangan Video  who will be more than happy to discuss  having your wedding day documented  on film.

More Wedding Videographer advice next week.
Regards Eamon.