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Questions you need to ask your wedding venue

So you have finally set the date for your big day and are busy making a  list of your  wedding suppliers, choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make.
In the following blog post I have made a list of important questions that you will need to ask your wedding venue

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Questions you need to ask your wedding venue

Choosing and booking your perfect wedding venue is absolutely the most important part of the wedding planning process and quite often we overlook some of the most important questions we should be asking. For those of you who are yet to book a venue and need a little assistance with making a decision, please read on and use this article as a source of information when interviewing possible venues for your big day.

The two most important questions are the ones you will need the answer to straight away – so you can disregard some venues immediately.
1. Can they accommodate your wedding ceremony or reception on your chosen date?

  1. What is the capacity of the venue; can they accommodate the numbers you are hoping will attend?
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    Once the above questions have been answered to your satisfaction, it’s now time to move on to the nitty gritty, feel free to pick and choose from the questions we have listed below in order to get all the information you require.

  1. Will the venue provide you with a wedding coordinator or events manager to deal with throughout your planning? If yes, get a name and contact details.
  1. Will there be any other weddings in that hotel or venue on the same day? If so, will this have any impact on the smooth operation of your big day?
  1. Are they willing to negotiate on pricing? Some venues will throw in some extras free of charge; so don’t be afraid to barter! If you are planning a mid-week wedding, then you have every opportunity to make some great savings.
  1. Are there any building works or renovations currently being done in the hotel? If so, will these works be completed by the date of your wedding and can they guarantee this? If you are dealing with a venue that does have building works or renovations going on, it would be advisable to get something in writing that states how this will or will not impact on your day. If the venue has promised to have works competed before the date, get this in writing also.
  1. What is included in the package price? Get down to the smallest items here to make sure you are getting value for money. Little items like corkage, free teas and coffees and welcoming drinks will make all the difference to your pocket.
  1. Will the venue provide a special rate for your guest’s accommodation? Don’t take the first price your venue offers you for accommodation, most hotels can afford to give a significant discount for mid-week weddings, as the hotel would otherwise be quiet.
  1. What is the layout of the room? Can it be changed to suit your preferences?
  1. Are you welcome to bring in outside service providers? Perhaps you’re having a mid-summer wedding and you want to hire an ice-cream van or maybe you’re planning a magic show for the kiddies? This will all need to be discussed in advance. Are you welcome to bring in props and décor items?
  1. Will the hotel offer free Wi-Fi for all of your guests?
  1. How late will the bar be open, can you apply for an extension and will this cost extra? Are your guests welcome to use the resident’s bar at the end of the night?
  1. What are the facilities at the hotel? Are there elevators for elderly guests, do you have wheelchair access? Is there a suitable smoking area for your guests?
  1. Will the venue cater for different dietary requirements? Will this cost extra?
  1. Will the hotel give guests a later checkout time free of charge? (If required.)

The questions listed above are just some of the most important things you should be asking your venue. If you find that some of the answers are not what you expected, then perhaps you can negotiate on price. This checklist, should in any case give you a sound basis for choosing the perfect wedding venue.

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As a busy wedding videographer I am lucky to attend my fair share of weddings in amazing wedding venues through out Tipperary, Kilkenny, and all over Ireland. If you are in the process of wedding planning and trying to decide on your ideal wedding venue, why not contact myself Eamon who will be more than happy to offer friendly advice regarding your choice of wedding venue.
If you would like to have your wedding day on film be sure to check out Drangan Video  for an affordable HD wedding video package.

More wedding blog news soon

How Wedding Videography in Ireland is Changing

Although I launched Drangan Video back in 1995, I’ve been a wedding videographer in Ireland since as far back
as I can remember, and I’ve seen some interesting changes happen in the world of video production in that time.
Back when I first started out as an Ireland wedding videographer, requests were largely very simple, and very
similar. In many cases, my role would overlap hugely with the wedding photographer – I’d be providing a couple
with a physical copy of their love story – but that’s not what modern brides and grooms are looking for. Here’s 3
hot trends in wedding videography right now:

Documentary Style

As we’ve briefly touched upon, the role of the wedding videographer and wedding photographer were once very
similar. They both provided the ‘story’ of the couple. Today, however, the two roles are becoming more and more
independent. While wedding photography has retained that purpose of creating the fairytale story, with posed
photographs in front of some of Kilkenny and Tipperary’s most stunning scenery, wedding videography is now
taking a more ‘realistic’ approach. Couples want the best of both worlds – the fairytale, and the organic.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary and Kilkenny
Wedding Videographer Tipperary and Kilkenny







That’s why documentary-style wedding videography in Ireland is really taking off. There’s raw emotion, real
events, and true personalities shining through. As a wedding videographer in Ireland who has attended more
weddings than the average Joe, I think this style is the future of wedding videos. I’ve lost track of the amount of
times a couple has told me that their whole day has gone by in a blur, and having a realistic copy of events to look
back on is a great way to experience all those little things that might have been overlooked or forgotten on the day.

Sound Bites

The age of the silent movie is well behind us, and I’m starting to see a lot of my friends in the wedding videography
world focus more and more on including sound bites in their videos. This fits in with the documentary-style
videography that’s becoming increasingly popular. Brides and grooms no longer want just a posed overview of
their big day, they want something more real, and something they can better connect with. Incorporating sound
bites helps to develop the characters, giving them personalities, opinions, and emotions they may not otherwise

We’re seeing a wide range of sound bites being used in wedding videos today, which is great! Not only are parts of
the vows and speeches used to create more depth to the videos, but snippets of quick interviews with the wedding
party and guests are also being utilised. From compliments on the dress to good luck wishes from family and
friends, these are huge parts of the wedding day that the bride and groom may miss out on at the time. The future
of wedding videography is all about making memories of the day more accessible to the newlyweds.

Aerial Footage

Ask any adventurous teen what he wants for Christmas, and he’ll likely say a drone. Ask any wedding
videographer, and he’ll probably say the same thing! Love them or hate them, it seems that drones are here to
stay, and while they have proven to be a little controversial in the past, we can’t deny that, in some industries,
drones have had a significant impact. Wedding videography is certainly one of those industries, and today there’s
a growing trend for aerial wedding videography, capturing the beauty of the surrounding landscape on the big day.

It’s a wedding videography trend that’s growing particularly rapidly in Ireland. Of course, I may be biased, but I
think we have some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Think about the incredible Ballykisteen Hotel in
Tipperary, for example. It’s situated right behind the Galtee Mountains, and the land there is just breathtaking. We already know that many more couples are being savvy now when it comes to wedding costs, and many are thinking
that if they’ve paid for such a beautiful backdrop, they may as well video it. Drone photography is catching on!

While it can be argued that some of these changes are a little extreme (not every videographer is such a fan of
drone photography, for example), the reasoning behind why wedding videography is evolving in such a way is a
beautiful thought. What it all comes down to is brides and grooms wanting meaningful memories of their wedding
day – memories that provide more of a connection and invoke more feeling than the more traditional styles can.
With so many changes, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a part of the wedding videography world, and I for one
can’t wait to see what happens next

To the future!

DIY ideas to save money on your wedding day

The average wedding in 2015 can cost around €15000 plus, however, if you don’t want to spend such a large amount of money or simply cannot afford to, these DIY ideas might be worth considering

DIY Weddings
DIY Weddings

The average wedding in 2015 can cost around €15000 plus, however, if you don’t want to spend such a large amount of money or simply cannot afford to, these DIY ideas might be worth considering.
1. The Venue: be careful when choosing a venue. Most hotels will require you to use their catering and possibly their entertainment and DJ. These costs can mount up considerably so think about another venue maybe in a local park or scenic attraction. Getting married on a Saturday is vastly more expensive than getting married during the week so check with your wedding venue if there are any deals or discounts should you choose to get hitched midweek.
2. The Transport: Limos and horse drawn carriages can be an unnecessary cost for those on a tight budget, perhaps ask a friend to drive you to and from the ceremony and onto the reception. There are many affordable, unique and slightly controversial modes of transport such as tractors and trailers, bicycles or even a donkey and sidecar, which will make your guests wild with excitement.
3. You needn’t opt for a sit down 4 or 5 course meal: although it’s somewhat traditional and your guests may expect a slap up meal before they hit the free bar you can probably provide an even tastier meal and more of it if you choose to go for a buffet style arrangement. This is especially true if you use local suppliers from farmer’s markets and local restaurants. Have family and friends help out. You could even organise a potluck party where guests bring their own food to share out together. Buffets are fantastic because the guests can keep going back to the buffet as often as they like. Fruit platters, cold meat dishes, fresh sushi and salads will go a long way to feeding your hungry guests and won’t cost the earth.
4. Music: You can go a little bit DIY with regards to music for the day. No need to hire a DJ. Simply download all the music you want and organise it into playlists, save it to your iPod or phone and just let it continuously play throughout the day. A friend could even be assigned responsibility for shuffling tracks and delivering special requests for your guest.
5. The Band: Should you need to save some money on the entertainment side of things, maybe consider hiring a college or school band. Many up and coming bands would be very grateful for the publicity and exposure, and you can be assured it would be enjoyable and unique for your guests. Alternatively you could include a karaoke session and let the guests provide their very own entertainment!
6. Flowers: Using a florist to arrange all the flowers can also be an added expense, try to save on costs by having fresh flowers delivered before the wedding and spend an evening with friends making your own table centrepiece floral arrangements. You can also use dried flowers (which you can order online) to make your bridal bouquets.
7. The Cake: Extravagant tiered cakes can be wildly expensive and often go uneaten on the big day. Why not start practicing before your wedding and make your own cake or ask a talented friend to make it for you? You could also go down the route of a “fake cake”, which is becoming evermore popular in wedding circles. For the fake cake, just one or two layers are made of actual cake mix, the other tiers are simply polystyrene which have been iced beautifully. Have the guests served cake straight from the kitchen already plated up. They will never know the switch has taken place!

8. Invitations: Invitations are where it all begins and can be the start of monetary worries for cash strapped couples. Instead of posting hundreds of invites by snail mail why not use the Internet and the many e-invite services available.

9 The Video:  Not all couples will decide to go ahead and book a wedding videographer, appart from the cost of having your wedding day on film  a wedding video is not for everyone. Here at Drangan Video we offer a range of 5 indivdual packages beginning at just €450, we have a video package to suit every budget.

Looking forward to sharing more wedding news next week.

Regards Eamon.


Celebrating Ireland’s Wedding Equality “YES” Vote

As a wedding videographer in Tipperary and Kilkenny I would like to join in celebrating Ireland’s Wedding Equality “YES” Vote. Its not just about the prospect of recording many extra same sex wedding films, as a Father and a Grandad im delighted to know that equality rules in Ireland, thanks to all the broadminded voters that made this possible.

The Constitution of Ireland now includes the Thirty-fourth amendment, which mandates a provision for same sex marriage; Marriage Equality can now be enjoyed by every member of our great nation. No more unequal civil partnerships, in Ireland you can now go the whole hog and celebrate your love and lifestyle with pride. Yes, the referendum was approved with a resounding YES vote. 62% of the total votes cast cried out for equality on the 22nd of May 2015. Huge relief and tears of joy swept the nation as the results began to come in. One after another, constituencies all over Ireland (from massive turnouts in Dublin to massive turnouts in the west and south) began returning resounding shouts for equality and inclusion. At the end of it all, it was a great day to be Irish and proud of it.

Hundreds of young people living and working abroad arranged travel plans to get home to make sure they would be part of the historic vote. People came from as far away as Mexico and Korea to ensure equal rights for themselves and their friends. There were many campaigns to get voters home including the ‘Get To The Boat to Vote’ campaign which saw the electorate moving from England back across the Irish Sea to mark their ballot papers.

Same Sex Weddings Tipperary
Same Sex Weddings Tipperary

As the official counts came in, they were publicly read aloud in Dublin castle where people had gathered in the rare Irish sunshine to celebrate together. Rainbow flags flew proudly, unicorns were painted on people’s faces and the whole square was awash with colourful exuberance and just an air of flamboyance. The party spilled onto the streets as more votes were tallied and logged. Ireland had done it: the first country in the world to ratify same sex marriage by popular vote. The atmosphere was electric, Gerry Adam’s was taking selfies with drag queens, and subjects previously un-talked about on the RTE (Ireland’s national broadcasting service) were now being discussed with openness and equality. The dream had become real.

Celebratory tweets were the order of the day on Twitter as many celebrities tweeted their pride and happiness as Ireland voted. Pro campaigner and outspoken activist Stephen Fry tweeted that Ireland had done itself proud and that Oscar (Wilde) would be smiling in his grave. Irish comedian Dara O’ Brian professed his happiness but also his sadness that he couldn’t join the party. Graham Norton remarked on how the country had grown in his lifetime and how proud he was of the Irish people.

Many business groups and business leaders advocated a YES vote believing it would do wonders for the economy and international investment in Ireland. People will perform better in the long term if they are allowed to be themselves without restriction or inequality. There will be more creativity which would have been stifled in the past. Businesses and organisations that show appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness attract the best talent for the jobs they offer, not to mention what this vote has done for Ireland’s reputation on a global scale. It sends out a very positive message and comes at a time when Ireland so badly needs some sort of resurrection, some hope, some brotherhood and some faith in each other and faith in our shared future.

The team here at Drangan Video are proud to be part of an all-inclusive Ireland and will continue to offer our services to every member of our society. Love is love after all and there really is nothing more important than that!

Thanks for taking  the time to read my latest news.

Best Regards Eamon

There’s a Perfect Wedding Venue in Tipperary for Your Perfect Day

Here at Drangan Video we are very proud of our roots and personally I believe that my home county of Tipperary is amongst the best in Ireland.  In my roll as a wedding videographer I have had the pleasure of filming weddings in every corner of our premier  county, in this week’s blog post we take a look at some Tipperary’s finest wedding venues  which I work in on a regular basis.

Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect and so it should be. If you are looking for the perfect wedding  venue in Tipperary, you can choose between a small and intimate setting and a grand and opulent ballroom. It’s  your day, your choice and with a little time researching your options, you’ll find the perfect venue Tipperary has to offer.

Begin with Your Budget

Getting married is a huge step, the first of many you’ll be taking throughout the course of your lives together. Of  course you want this day to be lavish and memorable, but you may be working with a limited budget. Even so, as a videographer, I have seen some of the grandest weddings set in parks and gardens that rival those cathedrals.  Your day can be perfect if you set your sights on realistic goals. If you can’t afford a luxury hotel and hundreds of guests, that shouldn’t be a problem because there are some enchanting venues that cater to smaller, more intimate wedding parties.

Smaller Wedding Venues in Tipperary

One of the most idyllic venues in Tipperary is Ashley Park House Bed & Breakfast in Nenagh. Set on 76 acres on the edge of Lough Ourna, this quaint B&B provides the perfect getaway for the happy couple and a simple wedding  party. The scenery is so lovely, you may never want to leave this bit of Irish paradise. You can hold the ceremony at Ashley Park House or in the church in town. Luncheon will be catered by the staff and you’ll have peace of mind
knowing that your wedding party will be the only guests in the dining room. If it’s small and intimate you’re after, this is it.

Drangan Video Tipperary
Drangan Video Tipperary

In the Grand Scheme of Things

At the other end of the spectrum there are a number of grand hotels that host the luxury weddings Tipperary is  known for. You can hold a lavish celebration in venues such as Kilshane House. Built in 320 acres of private parkland, this venue can easily seat 220 people. And, with rooms available on-site, some of your guests may even  want to stay here to fully enjoy the celebrations. Similar in size, you could also consider the Dundrum House Hotel  that has provisions for more than 200 guests. In the ‘grand’ scheme of things, these are two of the grandest.

Weddings on the Water

If you prefer to be outdoors during warmer weather, why not consider a unique wedding venue at Coolbawn Quay? No, you won’t be expect to walk on water, but celebrating at the water’s edge is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Dancing in the moonlight, to the sounds of boats and water gently lapping against the shore, provides an intoxicating enchantment to an already enchanting day. As a wedding videographer, Tipperary weddings on the Quay always hold me spellbound. The amazing visual effects of lights reflecting off the water add  a special element that even the best digital video effects can’t duplicate.

To see why I am so passionate about filming weddings, take a few moments to view  my Drangan Video Facebook Clips https://www.facebook.com/DranganVideo?ref=hl   I have left for you to explore. Each and every wedding I film holds a special place in my heart, and leaves me feeling like part of the family. Whether I am catching those romantic moments as you dance your first dance on the  Quay, or filming you as you come together at the altar in a cathedral, I get a special sense of pride knowing you  selected me to be a part of this most special day in your lives.

Best Regards,