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Spring wedding Video Knocklong, Limerick

This is a short highlights clip from the wedding of Louise Corbett & Brian O’ Shea who were married in Knocklong, Co Limerick on March 21st 2014. The recording began with

Wedding Video Knocklong
Wedding Video Knocklong

Bridal Preps at Louises’s house, Trish Fitzpatrick was the photographer and as always it was a pleasure working with her, I meet her on many wedding shoots and we share recommendations between us, she screened a lovely slide show of pics from the day on a big screen just before the first dance, she dose this at all weddings which is a nice touch.

Louise & Brian availed of the Drangan Video Diamond package which provides coverage of the full day from bridal preps up to 11pm, details and pricing can be found on the wedding page on my website, the diamond package is  most  popular choice of wedding video package by brides in Tipperary and Limerick.

Just a few lines about an issue that comes up in conversation when couples contact me about booking their wedding video in Tipperary.  It is surprising that not all Wedding videographers are  prepared to display their prices online, couples have commented on this and were asking the question, if a company is selling a product why is the price not on their website, ?  when shopping on line I would  have very little interest in a product that dose not have a price tag on it. I have been showing my prices on the website for many years and couples say that it makes the job of researching a wedding videographer much more straightforward. It also cuts down on unnecessary inquiries because the potential customer has their home work done and are aware that my wedding video packages are either within their budget or not.  I had this discussion with Bride to be as late as today who said that she definitely had no interest in suppliers that were not showing prices on their websites or Facebook, she had checked my packages and prices and  then got in contact about booking her  wedding video for 2015.

I enjoyed working with Louise & Brian they were lovely and easygoing and were more than happy to let me do my own thing in a discreet and quit way. After the ceremony we stopped off at Koockainey Church for some photos and and video footage with the bridal party, its a beautiful old church which has been restored to perfection

Wedding Video Limerick
Wedding Video Limerick

Louise & Brian enjoyed a wonderful wedding reception in the Fitzgerald Woodlands Hotel Adare,  I often comment on this leading wedding venue in Limerick its the perfect wedding venue , on arrival the Bridal Party will always receive a warm and friendly welcome from the the Fitzgerald family and as a wedding videographer its also a pleasure dealing with them, they are always tuned into the needs of both the videographer and photographer which makes our job easy.   They also  offer two venues for civil cermonies, The Fitzgerald suite can host a civil wedding ceremony for larger wedding numbers and smaller more intimate gatherings in the Treaty suite. Decorative packages available including chair covers & bows, flowers, and candles.

A big congrats to Louise & Brian on what was a wonderful day it was a pleasure for me to have been their Wedding Videographer, Louise has already asked me to share this highlights clip on the Drangan Video Facebook page.

More wedding news soon.

Regards Eamon.


Story Of The Missing Ring

This is a short true story about an engagement ring that went missing on the morning of a wedding and turned up 6 hours later on the ground outside the door of wedding reception

Wedding Videographer Lomerick
Wedding Videographer Limerick

venue. ” Hogwart Magic” ????

The wedding ceremony was in Hospital, Co. Limerick and reception in the Fitzgerarld Woodlands Hotel Adare, Limerick.  As usual my video recording began at the brides house which was a 20 min. drive from the church in Hospital  on arrival at the brides house the girls were in the usual excited mode, the sun was shining and everyone looking forward to the big event. During the morning the photographer and myself were busy capturing bits and bobs including jewelry and rings which were treasured by the Bride, her engagement ring was a particular beautiful and expensive one and of coarse very close to her heart. Bridal preps went very well everyone happy, Bride slightly nervous but looking forward to the day.

The wedding Ceremony was set for 1pm, we were a little bit surprised by the late arrival of the Bride and bridesmaids because they were all ready to go when the photographer and myself finished up at the house.  When the Bridesmaids arrived they announced that the Bride’s engagement ring had gone missing and after lots of frustrating searching it failed to turn up. The Bride was upset on arrival at the church but she decided to put it out her mind and  get on with the day  hopefully the ring would be found in due time.  After the ceremony some of the family returned to the house to search for the missing ring but alas no sign of it, in the meantime Bride & Groom photographer and myself stopped off at a wood on the way to Adare for photos and video footage, we also stopped off at another location where the couple were standing on a grassy bank, at this stage the Bride had put the missing ring more or less to back of her mind and anyway we were very busy with the photo and video shoot.

The Bride & Groom and bridal party arrived at the Woodlands Hotel Adare, Co.Limerick at 4:15pm,  they had done a car change outside the gates of the Woodlands, the Volkswagen Beatle that was used to transport the bride and her dad to church was already waiting when the arrived at the hotel gates. After pulling up at the door of the hotel the couple enjoyed a glass of bubbly and then made their way through the main doors to the reception lobby.  As we were doing the family and friends photos out in front of the hotel a family member walked over to the bride with an engagement ring in her hand and asked the bride ” is this your missing ring I found it on the ground just outside the front door of the hotel ”  the happy bride was was united with her engagement ring and she was over the moon with excitement.

The most likely  explanation  is that the ring had got attached to the brides dress in the morning as she was getting dressed, and it just happened to fall off the dress right outside the hotel door.  What an amazing narrow escape of ever finding the ring again, just thinks of all getting in and out of cars, the photo shoot in the woods, walking along that grassy bank and it was also a pretty breezy day.  The ring did not budge until arrival at the hotel door some 6 hours later.   A Very Happy Ending 🙂

True Story 🙂

Thanks for reading my latest blog post.

Regards Eamon.

Fab. Wedding Venues In Limerick

I had the pleasure of travelling to Limerick last weekend to record two

Strand Hotel Limerick
Strand Hotel Limerick

wedding videos, it was a wedding in Knocklong on Friday, followed by a wedding in Crecora on Saturday. A big congratulations to both couples Louise Corbett & Brian O’ Shea and Gillian McNamara & Adrian Murphy. I am writing this blog post just to share my experience of two wonderful wedding venues in Limerick.

The Limerick Strand Hotel  is renowned for its beautiful setting, situated at the Ennis side of Sarsfield Bridge  and lends itself quite magically to becoming the dream Wedding Venue .  They  have quickly gained an excellent reputation as a fab setting for Weddings In Limerick.  The service and food making your Wedding Day one to remember.  Dramatic views of the River Shannon and city skyline all make for spectacular wedding video  opportunities.  I found the management to be most helpful and accommodating  towards making sure that I missed nothing on the day, the manager was very tuned into my needs as the official wedding videographer for the day, just little things like turning up the lights for the speeches  and giving  me  the frequency setting for the  microphone. I am looking forward to recording many more Weddings in Limerick and hopefully returning  to the Strand Hotel.

The Fitzgerarlds Woodlands Hotel  is one of my favourite wedding

Fitzgerarlds Woodlands Hotel Limerick
Fitzgerarlds Woodlands Hotel Limerick

venues in Limerick  it is Located in the Splendour of Adare  which  is Ireland’s Prettiest Village Fitzgerald’s Woodlands Wedding Hotel Limerick is the perfect location for your wedding day.  After your red carpet arrival and a glass of bubbly, you and your guests can enjoy your welcome reception drinks and canapes in the  mature Gardens or in the spacious hotel lobby to the resounding harmonies of a String Quartet. Magnificent arrival receptions featuring a variety of ice sculptures and a 5ft chocolate fountain also available.  Choose from the grand Fitzgerald suite, or their more intimate Laccabawn suite. Upgraded table decoration, linen and candle packages also available. They also  have an in-house Flower Arranging Service for ceremonies & wedding receptions.

Thanks for reading my blog post.