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Why Hire A Wedding Videographer

Following the latest getting Ireland back to work statement yesterday our wedding industry has good reason to be optimist going forward to  late summer and Autumn 2020.
Here at Drangan Video we are busy preparing for a return to wedding videography  in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford, Carlow and many other counties, over the past six weeks we have been assisting our couples with  moving their weddings to alternative dates later this year.

We are often asked the question ” should we have a wedding video ”  our answer is yes you should an obvious answer from any  videographer after all we are not going to turn way business!! on a serous note we have set out  a number of reasons in this weeks blog post, outlining the main reasons for having your special day recorded on video.

Wedding Videographer Kilkenny

Why hire a wedding videographer

Many couples struggle with the idea of having a wedding video, they see it as an unnecessary cost  here at Drangan Video we speak to couples who didn’t have a videographer on their big day, many say it’s one of their greatest mistakes

Wedding photographers are brilliant at capturing special moments from your wedding day, there are certain things they can’t capture for instance audio and movement Hiring a professional videographer will ensure that  you will  get all pictures and sound bites  from your big  day  included  in one memorable wedding film that  you will  treasure for ever.

Wedding Video Tipperary

 Wedding videos are not like the old days

Some couples think that wedding videography  means  bright lights huge cameras   in your face all day.  Today’s wedding videographers adapt a more documentary  easygoing style of filming, meaning you might not even notice them at all during the day, here at Drangan Video one of our favourite compliemenyts  is “We didn’t  see you all day”

 Video captures audio and movement

The greatest reason why you should consider hiring  a wedding videographer, video captures magical audible moments  such as your mom’s  words of advice as she helps with putting on the wedding dress,  your Dad’s  reaction to seeing you in your outfit for the first time,  or the fun and laughter during the morning preps. These are the moments that  you’ll relive everytime you look at your video long after your wedding day,  there’s also no better way to document your vow exchange. Video will also capture those important moments from the wedding reception, such as toasts and songs and not forgetting the first dance.

Video captures the non set up moments

Your photographer will get all those sometimes boring set up posed  shots, but for everything for else  you will  need a professional discreet videographer. And since there’s no posing, you won’t have to worry about been embarrassed or looking  or awkward on video, just  enjoy the fun and celebrations into the late hours

 Wedding videos are not long dull epic films

Gone are the days that  a wedding video  plays out as a boring 3 hour slideshow,  your videographer will  capture all the emotion and fun from the full day and deliver as a short  engaging three  to five-minute highlights film.  Same day edits are popular  in wedding videography, meaning your videographer will capture the best moments from the morning preps up to and including moments from the ceremony  that  be viewed at the reception, short highlight films are also shared on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube

Wedding Videography Packages Kilkenny

 Videography offers more creativity

May couples are concerned about their wedding photos  looking  staged  or somewhat timeless  your video can be  trendier while still holding on to a traditional classic look. Here at Drangan Video we will  work with you , to find a creative style that works best for your wedding film.

If you are  are in the process of wedding planning and thinking about hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford or Dublin, please feel free to contact myself Eamon here at Drangan Video how will be happy to offer advice on our exciting range of wedding videography packages for 2021/2022

2020 wedding video Leighlinbridege Carlow

Ciara and Alastair were lucky celebrate their wedding in Leighlinbridge Carlow  on the eve of Ireland going into lockdown, 2020 will be remembered, talked about , written in to history for many reasons  families have lost loved ones people have lost jobs not to mention the pressure on our frontline medical staff putting their lives at risk taking care of the sick.
Ciara and Alastair are one couple who will have fond memories of March 13th 2020 the day they said I do in St. Lazerian’s Church Leighlinbridge Co. Carlow.

Ciara and Alastairs Wedding Video Memories :
Here at Drangan Video we love sharing our work  on Facebook, Instagram or here on on our latest blog post thanks to all our couples who allow sharing on social media.
Ciara and Aklastair’s highlights film has been getting lots of lovely comments online there is something about this video that makes you want to watch it over and over, they are a lovey down to earth couple and so nice to work , it was a pleasure to have been their preferred choice of wedding videographer.

Ciara & Alastair Leighlinbridge Carlow

Weddings In Leighlinbridge Co. Carlow
Leighlinbridge is one of my favorite wedding locations in the south east it has so many interesting and exciting locations for wedding photos and videography.

Arboretum Inspirational Gardens
The  Arboretum Lifestyle and Garden Centre incorporates  the Arboretum Inspirational Gardens, which is a popular stop off for wedding photo shoots.

Leighlinbridge – Garden Village
The Millennium  Garden Village is a great choice for wedding video recording  it  consists of a number of  small gardens each representing  the story of life. Ciara & Alastair stopped off for a fun photo call before heading to Kilkenny for their  wedding reception.

Wedding In Langtons Hotel Kilkenny

Langton House Hotel Kilkenny
Langtons Hotel is a fab wedding venue it never dissapoints, Sean and the staff are always so friendly and helpful their attention to detail has to be seen to believe.
Ciara & Alastair enjoyed a lovely welcoming reception in the Set Theatre, finger food drinks and live music added to the magic and excitement of the day.
The langton House Ballroom was our final stop for dinner and dancing.

Thanks again to this lovely couple for choosing Drangan Video for wedding videography, I really enjoyed shooting and producing their wedding film.

Fantastic Wedding Venues in Co. Carlow & Co. Waterford

In my heart of hearts, I know I’m a Tipperary wedding videographer – I just love shooting weddings close to home and having an opportunity to capture some of Ireland’s most stunning backdrops. However, I have to admit to getting a bit excited every time I chat with brides and grooms getting married in neighbouring County Carlow or County Waterford. There are some absolutely breathtaking opportunities across the border, and I often forget just how magical these places can really be.

Fantastic Wedding Venues In Carlow and Waterford
Fantastic Wedding Venues In Carlow and Waterford




If you’re thinking of getting married in the South East, it’s well worth expanding your search outside of Tipperary and Kilkenny, and looking into some of the fantastic wedding venues in Co. Carlow and Co. Waterford. In Co. Carlow, for example, I love shooting wedding videos with views of the Blackstairs Mountains, or weddings overlooking Mount Leinster. And in Waterford, the Ballindud Mill and Cottage and the grounds of the Waterford Castle provide excellent wedding photo and video opportunities.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work as a wedding videographer in some of the best wedding venues in Co. Carlow and Co. Waterford. Here are two of my favourites that I’ve had the chance to visit recently.

Woodford Dolmen Hotel, County Carlow
Deirdre and Matt asked me to video their wedding in Ireland, to be held at the Woodford Dolmen Hotel which is located just outside Carlow town. Now, I think we can all agree that the Irish weather can be a bit unpredictable at times, especially in the winter, but this wedding venue really shines all year round. On Deirdre and Matt’s big day, things were a little damp and windy, and yet the gardens still looked spectacular, which meant I was able to shoot both inside and outside to really capture everything.

The gardens and surrounds are a real highlight at this venue, which is why many brides and grooms opt to have their wedding at the Woodford Dolmen Hotel. The hotel itself sits amongst 10 acres of riverside land, but the best part for a wedding videographer in Ireland is the hotel’s private bridge. The deep red of the bridge stands out against the lush green backdrop, making it one of my favourite places to shoot wedding footage in the country and that’s saying something! It has to be seen to be believed.

But let’s not overlook the inside of the hotel. There are two ballrooms to choose from: the smaller Killeshin Suite, and the mind blowing Barrow Suite which is actually the largest wedding venue in County Carlow, holding up to 825 guests! Both of the ballrooms have private, attached terraces which means that, come rain or shine, you can really make the most of your wedding venue. Ultimately, if you’re a sucker for romance, this hotel is perfect and I’m looking forward to videoing weddings here more often.
Tower Hotel, County Waterford

I was thrilled to be asked to be Michelle and Gary’s wedding videographer for their wedding at the Tower Hotel in Waterford, right in the bank of the River Suir. If you’re keen to incorporate Irish tradition into your wedding, then this is one of the best venues in Ireland. The hotel has been hosting weddings for more than 50 years, and serves up local foods such as Glin Valley chicken, baked Waterford ham, and goat cheese by Cooleeney Farmhouse Cheese in Tipperary. Yum!

The Tower Hotel will always be a favourite of mine, and I’ve enjoyed shooting wedding videos in both the smaller Dunmore Room and the larger Ardmore Suite over the years. While the surrounding landscape and historic venue are wonderful, I think it’s the little touches that really make this place special. In the cold winters, for example, you can swap your welcome champagne for a warming mug of spiced mulled wine. It’s these little things that really make a difference from a videographer perspective.

Although I love Tipperary, and Tipperary weddings, I have to admit that there are times when you just can’t beat the beautiful scenery of Co. Carlow and Co. Waterford, and I’m very fortunate that many of the brides and grooms I work with ask me to shoot their weddings in these spectacular locations.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these amazing venues soon! – Eamon

Trends in Home Weddings – Ideas for Planning the Perfect Day

One of my new year resolutions  for 2015 was to deliver well written and interesting blog posts  that would offer help regarding every aspect of wedding planning.  This week we take a look at trends in home weddings and ideas for planning the perfect day. I am looking froward to been  videographer for a number of home weddings in Carlow-Kilkenny  and Tipperary during 2016.

Home Weddings Carlow-Kilkenny
Home Weddings Carlow-Kilkenny







Whether to save money or simply because having a home wedding is closer to the heart, many couples are planning to take their vows and celebrate at home. Although it may seem like a simpler choice to plan a wedding at home, there are always going to be some unexpected issues that need to be dealt with. If you are contemplating a home wedding, here are some ideas for planning the perfect day.

Call in a Landscaper :

Most homes just aren’t large enough to accommodate the number of guests you will want to invite to your wedding, even if it is going to be a small one by traditional standards. As a result, most home weddings are celebrated, at least in part, outdoors in the backyard or garden. However, no matter how well manicured your lawn is, you might want some special touches for a very special day.

Some landscapers add lovely lights for ambiance and perhaps a gurgling fountain as a serene background when your vows are said. Others set up a row of trellises as an ‘aisle’ for the bridal party to process down whilst others plant flowers and shrubs that will be the decorations and a backdrop for wedding pictures. As a videographer, I have seen some awesome landscaping done just for weddings and the videos taken on that day were breathtakingly beautiful.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator:

Even before contacting a landscaper, you may want to hire a wedding coordinator. Not only can a wedding planner help you organise everything from hiring a minister to booking a band, this person can perhaps see your grounds in ways that you don’t envision. A wedding coordinator can help you make the most of what you have to work with when planning home weddings and once the plans are made, the landscaper can design the elements to enhance the setting.

Self-Catered Foods from Family and Friends:

You may have a local restaurant that caters for such events as home weddings, but many couples find that it is much more fun to invite their friends and family to prepare favourite foods for the after-ceremony celebration. Foods can be as simple as hors d’oeuvres and finger sandwiches to full-course meals with each person responsible with a specific course.

The wedding cake may be another matter altogether though if you don’t have a professional baker in the crowd. Even so, most foods can be prepared at the homes of family and friends and brought along as they arrive for the ceremony.

Booking Local Talent:

When having a wedding at home, booking a band or DJ is going to be left totally up to you. Unless you have a wedding coordinator who is familiar with local talent, you will need to find your own entertainment. Even so, there are a number of online sites where you can book local talent to perform on your special day or you can ask around as close friends and family may have some great suggestions. It would be wise to plan your entertainment as far in advance as possible so as to get the group or DJ before they are already hired by someone else.

Home Is Where the Heart Is:
As a wedding videographer and founder of Drangan Video, I have been privileged to shoot some awesome weddings celebrated at the home of the bride and groom or their family. Each had a different appeal but all were well-planned, providing a day to remember.
Although it isn’t always less expensive to plan a wedding at home, there is something nice and inviting about staying clear of busy venues. This is your special day and if you choose to celebrate it at a place that is close to your heart, you can add your own touches to make this day truly your own.
Best Regards for a truly memorable day!




Stephanie and Gary’s Wedding Video Highlights : Married In The Rower Kilkenny

Like the words from the song “my footsteps lead me back to  home” I am not saying that Kilkenny Carlow is my home but I certainly have been frequenting both counties on a regular basis over the past few years My mum was from Kilkenny so maybe there is a greater power leading me back to her roots.  In this latest blog post I have the pleasure of sharing  another lovely Kilkenny Wedding Video.

Stephanie decided that she would like video coverage to begin with the boys getting ready as the photographer was concentrating on bridal preps with the girls.  Gary and the lads were getting ready in Thomastown  which is  famous for its delightful streets and beautiful views of the River Nore, and just up the road  stand the  entrance gates to Mount Juliet Championship Golf Coarse which hosted the 2005 Ryder Cup.  After getting the usual fun shots of the boys putting on the finishing touches it was time for me to make my way to the Church for the arrival guests and bridal party.

The wedding ceremony took place in Rower  Church in south Kilkenny  it is about 40mins from Carlow, Stephanie arrived in good time and Fr. Richard Scrivin complemented her punctuality,  the traditional 10 min wait did not upset Gary there was little doubt in his mind that Stephaine would turn up on time.

Wedding Videographer Carlow, Kilkenny
Wedding Videographer Carlow, Kilkenny






The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel is one of the most popular wedding reception venues in Carlow Kilkenny,   Stephanie and Gary  displayed very good taste when it came to choosing wedding suppliers and thanks to them for choosing  me as their wedding videographer “great choice” . The Ormonde  is a top quality wedding venue, the Kings Ballroom is a splendid room if you are looking for a quality wedding venue in the Carlow – Kilkenny region it has been recently been refurbished to a very high standard which is sure to win the approval of the most discerning bride.

Gary and Stephanie are very impressed with their wedding video which has been shared on my Drangan Video facebook page with the permission of the happy couple.  I am looking forward to  many more weddings through out Carlow Kilkenny in the coming months.

Next week I will be sharing a blog post covering tips on hosting  home weddings in Ireland. ???

Till next time :  Regards Eamon.