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Gillian and David celebrate their Wedding Day in style: Drangan Church, Tipperary

I have been looking forward to sharing this blog post, it features the wedding of Gillian & David who were married in Drangan Church on August 8th 2014  its a lovely highlight clip from their wedding DVD. Drangan is my home parish where  I was born and reared and went to primary school there  so its not surprising that I called my Wedding video Production Company  ” Drangan Video ”  enough about that and back to this beautiful Tipperary Bride and handsome  Groom, the following clip begins with Gillian ad the girls getting ready at Hilview Drangan on a beautiful August morning.

As a Tipperary based Wedding Videographer I have the pleasure of filming weddings in many parts of Ireland but the majority of my weddings are local  in my home county, if I could hand out a prize for stunning brides Gillian would be right up there in the top ten, she was just stunning and the DVD clip highlights every aspect of her beauty.  The wedding ceremony was set for 1pm the recording began at 11am with the bridal preps the church was only  a 2min walk from Gillian’s house which was great for mixing shots between the house and guests arriving and not forgetting David and groomsmen enjoying a  pint to calm the nerves.

The ceremony was celebrated by Fr. Tony Lambe  and as always it was a light hearted and yet spiritual, after the ceremony we headed for Hotel Kilkenny on the way we stopped off at  the Edmund Rice Heritage in Callan for photos with the bridal party.  Andrew McDermott was the photographer it was nice working with him again he is based in Waterford but covers weddings in Tipperary and all over Munster, his style of capturing wedding photos is very quick and efficient, Gillian & David were finished with photos at 4:30pm giving them lots of time to mingle with their guests before the meal.

Wedding Videographer Ireland
Wedding Videographer Ireland

A big thank you to Gillian & David for choosing me as their wedding videographer, it was a fab wedding so well planned with amazing attention to detail  all the wedding suppliers were top class and professionals, most of them were based in Tipperary.  The above video has already been shared on Facebook check out the comments below from my Drangan Video Business Page.  There is a growing change in the way that couples source wedding suppliers in Ireland and Tipperary  I have noticed this new trend over the last 12 months or so  more and more of my enquiries are coming from facebook in the form of a PM on my business page, a busy facebook profile is a must for all wedding suppliers.  Many of the up and coming youg generarion of Irish Brides 2 be tend to find traditional websites to be old school and in some cases boring. Facebook is now first stop shop for Brides in Ireland it is a quick and easy way to check out sample videos and look at feed back from other couples.  Drangan Video is now displaying a full list of wedding video packages and prices on Facebook, needless to say my website www.dranganvideo.com  which is updated on a weekly basis goes hand and hand with the FB business page as a means of viewing my work and getting all the information required before making a booking.

The wedding reception was in Hotel Kilkenny  it is a top class wedding venue and its always a pleasure working there, the staff are helpful and very efficient. The hotel is situated on College Road just beside the Kilkenny Bypass which makes it very easy to find and accessible.  Gillian & David selected the Orchard Suite which can cater for up 220 guests, it is on ground level and has its own adjoining  private gardens which are ideal for photos and relaxing for a chat and a drink from the bar.

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog post.

Regards Eamon.

Face Book comments : Gillian & David’s Wedding Video :


  • Gillian O’DwyerEamon Anglim I cannot thankyou enough for all the effort you put in on our special day, you done a fantastic job & captured moments I didn’t even realize you were filming, you almost blended into walls you were so discreet:-) You were a pleasure to have around & not just because your from drangan:-D I cannot recommend you highly enough to other brides to be.
    I love the fact we’ll have this forever to look back & remember the fantastic day we had & be able to show our future kids Mammy & Daddy getting Married:-)
    Priceless to have, thanks again Eamon




Wedding Videos Tipperary, Budget Management

Advice for Brides In Tipperary  from Consumerhelp.ie 

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Tipperary

Whether you are getting married on a shoe string or with no expense spared, here are a few tips that will help you manage your finances closely so you can keep track of your spending and avoid paying for your big day for years to come.
Set A Budget For Your Wedding
The first thing you should do is sit down with your partner and discuss what both of you may have already saved and what you can afford to put aside on a regular basis up until your wedding day. This will help you set a realistic budget and priorities for your wedding day. A financial review will show you areas where you might need to cut back on your spending. More

For all the latest clips from recent  Wedding Videos In Tipperary and Wedding News, check out Drangan Video On Facebook.




Wedding Video Kilkenny

I have been careful  in recent weeks  about showcasing my Wedding Video Highlight Clips in blog posts, it has been brought to my attention that my style of work  is  been copied by another Wedding Videographer in Tipperary, more about this at the end of this blog post.

Wedding Video Kilkenny
Wedding Video Kilkenny

Congratulations to Lyndsey Dunne and John Egan on what was a brilliant Wedding, the Wedding Ceremony took place in Church of the Assumption Callan, Kilkenny. The following Highlight Video Clip features lovely footage of the Bridal Preps with Lyndsey and the girls.

It was an honour  to be asked to record a Wedding Video for another member of the Dunne family, I was the Videographer for Lyndsey’s sister Pamela two years ago.  The Wedding of Lyndey Dunne And John Egan was one of the most eagerly anticipated Weddings in Kilkenny they both have broad circle of friends and are a very popular couple.  Drangan Video has recorded Wedding Videos through out Kilkenny and Callan for many of their friends.  Lyndsey’s warmth and John’s  charm is  evendent  in their Wedding DVD high light clip.  The Wedding Reception took place in the wonderful Newpark Hotel Kilkenny which is now one of the top Wedding Venues In Kilkenny and Tipperary.  The Wedding Photographer for the day was the very talented  Seamus Costello, I have recorded many Wedding Videos In Kilkenny and the South East with Seamus.  Lyndsey & John  requested that their Wedding Highlights be shared on Facebook check out Drangan Video On Facebook.

Just getting back to the opening chapter in this post which refers to my work been copied by another Wedding Videographer In Tipperary. It was actually a future local Bride to be that alerted me about  this issue,  I checked out some recent samples by this guy  and sure enough a very

Wedding Videographer Kilkenny
Wedding Videographer Kilkenny

good attempt had been made to copy  my camera style and production skills.  My initial reaction was one of annoyance  and surprise that someone  would attempt  to mimic another Videographer’s work.  After giving it some though over the past  few weeks  I now realize and feel honoured that this guy is in awe of the quality  of my work LOL 🙂


5 Things worth spending money on for your Wedding

Think about the weddings you attended as a guest or a bridesmaid. What do you remember the most about them? Do you remember what the favours were, the décor, the ceremony? The drunk best man, the undercooked chicken, the DJ whose records kept skipping so you couldn’t dance properly? Your achy feet? When you are a bride-to-be yourself,happy5 it’s easy to forget how things look from the guests’ perspective. So, here are the five things guaranteed to make your wedding the one that’s remembered for years to come!  Click Here

I would like to add a sixth one one and guess what ? of coarse its A Wedding Videographer.

The Wedding Photographer is mentioned in the above Weddingsonline latest blog artical. More and more couples are deciding to go with a Wedding Video,  it is sometimes a last minute decision but more often than not the Wedding Video  is booked well in advance of the big day.  The advice from Drangan Video is to definitely consider having your Wedding Day Recorded by a professional Videographer.Wedding Videos Tipperary

Here are a few questions and considerations, when trying to decide on a  Wedding Videographer.

Is he/she a full-time Videographer :

will the camera man/woman  be editing & producing  your Wedding Film :

Will they be using two cameras for the ceremony & speeches :

How many hours are allocated to post production :

These are a just a few questions that you will  need to ask, also check out the their website.  Its a  good sign if the website  has  been updated at least once each week, there should be lots of recent work samples for viewing.  Its nice when checking out Wedding  Suppliers on line to be able to see their full price lists  and a comprehensive description of their range of  packages.

Drangan Video is now  offering a choice of 5 Wedding Video Packages, beginning @ €400. There are no travel costs for Wedding Videos In Munster.