Creating a Mood Board for your Wedding

In this article I’m going to talk about crafting your very own mood board for all your wedding ideas and inspiration. Here at Drangan Video, we understand that the initial planning stages for your big day can be more than a little daunting and we believe that creating a mood board or scrapbook of all your ideas can make life just that little bit easier

Wedding Videographer Tipperary
Wedding Videographer Tipperary

What is a mood board?
A mood board is a collection of images, material scraps, doodles or quotes that inspires you for an event. When it comes to your wedding day these will most likely be images of the kinds of things you have in mind for your big day including the fit of your dream dress, the flowers you have in mind, table centrepieces, colour schemes, fabrics and much more.

By developing a mood board you can now keep all of these images, scraps and ideas all in one place. The advantage of the mood board are many; you can easily see how your ideas for individual elements of your wedding work together as well as giving you a handy reference to show your wedding planner or each of your different suppliers. Don’t feel embarrassed to bring your carefully crafted mood board along with you to meetings with your wedding planner, florist or wedding videographer.

Showing an image to a florist or a dress supplier can be more straightforward than describing the kind of flowers or bouquets you have in mind- after all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

First steps
First of all, you will need to decide how detailed you’d like your mood board to be, and whether you’d like just one for the day as a whole or if you’ll be making smaller boards for your flowers, dress, décor, bridesmaids, photographer and videographer. You will also need to decide whether you want to make a manual mood board, with images physically cut and pasted from magazines, or a digital board. We can highly recommend pinterest for a digital board, however you should note that this limits you just to images.

Manual Board.
If you’re feeling crafty, get your scissors, a glue stick and some A3 card or a sketchbook at the ready. One of the benefits of a tangible mood board, especially if it’s in a small sketchbook is that you can throw it in to your bag no matter where you may be headed. If you’re visiting venues in the countryside where Wi-Fi is patchy, a tangible board wont ever be inaccessible. In the midst of hectic wedding planning, taking a little time out to focus on something simple like cutting and gluing can make for good relaxation time.

Digital Board
To collate unlimited images and websites for inspiration, we highly recommend creating a Pinterest account. Pinterest is free and easy to use for all skill levels. With this unique platform, you can gather all your favourite images in one place, as well as quickly and easily sharing your boards with other people. This is particularly useful if you are hoping to share ideas with friends and advisors who are further afield. You can also consult mood boards by other brides, which may provide further inspiration.

Where to start
Once you have decided whether to use traditional methods or a digital compilation of looks you love you will need to start tracking down material. Start with an image you really love- it might be a beautiful wedding gown or gorgeous bouquet, and begin to build from there. Soon you’ll have a set of concrete and complimentary ideas to help you style your ideal big day.

Drangan video hopes to provide brides and grooms with inspiration through our regular blog posts and weekly wedding updates. Should you find inspiration on our website, we would be delighted to be included in your wedding mood board. Please feel free to contact Eamon here to enquire about wedding videography services at any time.


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