How Wedding Videography in Ireland is Changing

Although I launched Drangan Video back in 1995, I’ve been a wedding videographer in Ireland since as far back
as I can remember, and I’ve seen some interesting changes happen in the world of video production in that time.
Back when I first started out as an Ireland wedding videographer, requests were largely very simple, and very
similar. In many cases, my role would overlap hugely with the wedding photographer – I’d be providing a couple
with a physical copy of their love story – but that’s not what modern brides and grooms are looking for. Here’s 3
hot trends in wedding videography right now:

Documentary Style

As we’ve briefly touched upon, the role of the wedding videographer and wedding photographer were once very
similar. They both provided the ‘story’ of the couple. Today, however, the two roles are becoming more and more
independent. While wedding photography has retained that purpose of creating the fairytale story, with posed
photographs in front of some of Kilkenny and Tipperary’s most stunning scenery, wedding videography is now
taking a more ‘realistic’ approach. Couples want the best of both worlds – the fairytale, and the organic.

Wedding Videographer Tipperary and Kilkenny
Wedding Videographer Tipperary and Kilkenny







That’s why documentary-style wedding videography in Ireland is really taking off. There’s raw emotion, real
events, and true personalities shining through. As a wedding videographer in Ireland who has attended more
weddings than the average Joe, I think this style is the future of wedding videos. I’ve lost track of the amount of
times a couple has told me that their whole day has gone by in a blur, and having a realistic copy of events to look
back on is a great way to experience all those little things that might have been overlooked or forgotten on the day.

Sound Bites

The age of the silent movie is well behind us, and I’m starting to see a lot of my friends in the wedding videography
world focus more and more on including sound bites in their videos. This fits in with the documentary-style
videography that’s becoming increasingly popular. Brides and grooms no longer want just a posed overview of
their big day, they want something more real, and something they can better connect with. Incorporating sound
bites helps to develop the characters, giving them personalities, opinions, and emotions they may not otherwise

We’re seeing a wide range of sound bites being used in wedding videos today, which is great! Not only are parts of
the vows and speeches used to create more depth to the videos, but snippets of quick interviews with the wedding
party and guests are also being utilised. From compliments on the dress to good luck wishes from family and
friends, these are huge parts of the wedding day that the bride and groom may miss out on at the time. The future
of wedding videography is all about making memories of the day more accessible to the newlyweds.

Aerial Footage

Ask any adventurous teen what he wants for Christmas, and he’ll likely say a drone. Ask any wedding
videographer, and he’ll probably say the same thing! Love them or hate them, it seems that drones are here to
stay, and while they have proven to be a little controversial in the past, we can’t deny that, in some industries,
drones have had a significant impact. Wedding videography is certainly one of those industries, and today there’s
a growing trend for aerial wedding videography, capturing the beauty of the surrounding landscape on the big day.

It’s a wedding videography trend that’s growing particularly rapidly in Ireland. Of course, I may be biased, but I
think we have some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Think about the incredible Ballykisteen Hotel in
Tipperary, for example. It’s situated right behind the Galtee Mountains, and the land there is just breathtaking. We already know that many more couples are being savvy now when it comes to wedding costs, and many are thinking
that if they’ve paid for such a beautiful backdrop, they may as well video it. Drone photography is catching on!

While it can be argued that some of these changes are a little extreme (not every videographer is such a fan of
drone photography, for example), the reasoning behind why wedding videography is evolving in such a way is a
beautiful thought. What it all comes down to is brides and grooms wanting meaningful memories of their wedding
day – memories that provide more of a connection and invoke more feeling than the more traditional styles can.
With so many changes, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a part of the wedding videography world, and I for one
can’t wait to see what happens next

To the future!

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