Wedding In Clara, Kilkenny

Here is a clip from a recent Kilkenny Wedding Video, Claire McDonald & Andrew Byrne were married in Clara Church. The Wedding DVD Recording began at the church, Clara Church is a small Church situated on the Kilkenny Carlow Road about 10 mins from Kilkenny City

Clara Church is situated in a quite rural area and it is a popular Wedding Ceremony venue in Kilkenny and is used by Kilkenny Brides and Brides in Carlow. Claire & Andrew celebrated their Wedding on a rather special date  11/11/11 it also happened to be the day of the Irish Presidential Election. The wedding car had the couples names on the front number plate and the date on the rear plate. They were very lucky with the weather the day was bright and sunny which is a bonus for a mid November wedding.
After the ceremony we headed for Langtons Hotel for the Wedding Reception.

Langton’s bars are smooth, sophisticated and each subtly different blending contemporary style, impeccable furnishings in a relaxed atmosphere. Going for a quiet drink, a night out or just a aperitif before dinner, each occasion conjures up different moods and Langton’s has it all.

As a Wedding Videographer Working in Kilkenny I am frequent visitor to this wonderful Kilkenny wedding Venue it is one the best.
Claire & Andy opted for the Gold Wedding Video Package which provides coverage of the full day right up to the first set of dances, it has been a popular choice by Kilkenny Brides during 2011 and 2012.
I would like to wish Claire & Andy all the very best for the future it was a pleasure working with them on their Wedding day in Kilkenny.









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